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Experts say Automation of Merchandising with IT Solutions Contributes to Gain in Retail Sales

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European companies are increasingly introducing IT tool to automate the operations of merchandisers at retail outlets. Experts says how automation affects sales

Retail sales reached $6.6 trillion, making this a hyper-competitive market. To stand out from the competition, many retailers rely on merchandising to work right. For these purposes, European companies are increasingly introducing new IT tools to automate the operations of merchandisers at retail outlets. Experts described how automation affects sales.

Manufacturers that do not use custom software will have to rely on conventional methods such as sending images via email or messengers. This process is lengthy and associated with a large number of mechanical operations and cannot eliminate the human error. And this will inevitably result in a loss of market share and lost revenues.

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“Companies that do not use IT solutions for merchandising may find it difficult to get up-to-date information about customer preferences. They will not be able to improve their processes.”

— say retail automation experts from IBA Group IT Company.

Retail merchandising software enables better data collection and analysis. Companies can use the information they obtain to develop better strategies to help improve customer satisfaction. Also, IT solutions allow ensuring compliance with planograms. This helps to use retail space more efficiently. In addition, such tools allow users to quickly make photos of shop equipment and process images using computer vision.

One of the promising solutions in the European market is Goods Checker, an IT product for merchandising automation. It gives companies a competitive advantage in merchandising at the point of sale and allows them to analyze state of the shelves in real time. It is a SaaS solution for FMCG manufacturers and distributors that automates all stages of merchandising. Goods Checker allows generating real-time analytics from merchandise shelves.

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Solutions such as Goods Checker provide executives with detailed analytics from various perspectives. Now the top management of European companies can rely on accurate and up-to-date data in their decision-making.

“Note that the audit of store merchandising using computer technology takes 60% less time. In addition, automation improves data quality: information has uniform structure, is not duplicated, cannot be lost, and its confidentiality is secured”, say retail automation experts from IBA Group IT Company.

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