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CX and AI Success for Telcos, with British Tech

Intent HQ sponsored a breakfast meeting at the British Residence in Manhattan featuring Forrester CX & AI Principal Analyst Brandon Purcell, for executives from US telecoms and marketing services firms. Mr. Antony Phillipson, Her Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for North America and Consul General in New York was the host, and joined the engaging dialogue on demystifying AI and the reality of its potential applications.

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Because a customer’s experience has now become more important than prices or products, the primarily Telco audience was interested in learning how AI can help create fabulous customer experiences. AI can enable insights from data and more effectively personalize experiences for customers. Mr. Purcell pointed to several recent successes and failures of AI applications, and discussed some “truths and lies” surrounding AI. He showed that AI can be applied successfully for important business goals, such as retaining customers and increasing revenue, and discussed how best to implement AI across the functional silos of a company.

In the Q&A, participants agreed that while technology is essential, organizational issues are often just as important to the implementation of AI-driven change. Intent HQ President of Americas, Sharifah Amirah concluded the discussion saying, “AI is best applied in bite-sizes rather than in a huge gulp – addressing a few key business objectives with AI for quick wins is far more likely to succeed than trying to make big organisational leaps.”

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With headquarters in London, and new subsidiaries in Barcelona and New York, Intent HQ is a privacy-first Customer Intelligence Platform created for telcos and their user data. Intent HQ is focused on the Telco sector, offering a Customer Intelligence Platform (CIP) that builds unique human-like profiles to enable 1-to-1 personalisation at Telco scale. Our CIP turns user actions into interest and intent data, then makes these insights ready to activate everywhere you touch customers—across marketing, sales, ecommerce and customer support. Clients benefit from improvements in segmentation, targeting, open and conversion rates, customer experience, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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