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Agillic is making its mark at the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s e-commerce awards: four out of five nominees in the category “Best omnichannel company” use Agillic

The Danish Chamber of Commerce’s awards celebrate the best companies within e-commerce and digital business. In the category “Best omnichannel company”, four out of five nominees are clients of Danish omnichannel marketing automation company Agillic.

The four nominated Agillic clients are the retailers MatasBog & IdéBolia, and B2B company Brødrene A.O. JohansenRoccamore is also nominated. The winner will be announced on 20 May 2021.

Emre Gürsoy, CEO of Agillic comments:
“First of all, I would like to congratulate all of the nominees. It is a strong field in close competition with each other. The companies are among the most ambitious and skilled omnichannel companies in Denmark. They continue to raise the bar – and they have significant business outcomes to testify to the impact of both omnichannel commerce and omnichannel marketing. We are delighted and proud on their behalf – and of course, we are also proud that they are using Agillic to achieve their business visions within omnichannel marketing.”

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It is an omnichannel world

Consumers engage with brands across a series of online and offline touchpoints and devices. Examples include the webshop, Facebook, email and the physical store. To brands, it is not enough to simply have a presence across all the touchpoints; they have to create a personalised and coherent customer experience, where the customers’ actions and preferences are always at the centre of the communication. It is data that stitches the customer journey together.

To be competitive, it is vital for companies to establish a coordinated and seamless interplay between all touchpoints, collect the right data, understand and act upon the customers’ needs and utilise personalised communications . To accomplish this, companies need martech tools such as Agillic.

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“Interestingly, it is customer expectations that prompt the brands to lean into omnichannel marketing and, of course, the fact that the approach pays off and yields an improved customer lifetime value. However, a customer-centric organisation is not achieved overnight

. This year’s nominees show that it is an incremental process where you learn as you go, and innovate based on testing and exploring data. They also show that customer-centricity is a mindset. When there is a will to put the customer at the centre and engage personalised and consistently with them across channels, all you need is the right tool. As the line-up at The Danish Chamber of Commerce awards suggests, some of the most innovative and successful companies prefer Agillic,” says Emre Gürsoy.

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