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UCX Announces the Launch of the Shopify Integration

UCX, the digital solutions company, announced the Shopify integration, an empowering new solution for anyone looking to consolidate online channel sales.

UCX empowers Virtual Channel users with a new solution to consolidate channel sales

UCX, the digital solutions company, today announced the Shopify integration, an empowering new solution for anyone looking to consolidate online channel sales. The Shopify integration also provides a new way for vendors to streamline their reseller management workflow.

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The integration enables vendors to expedite order fulfillment by synchronizing orders and product stock across channels. It also enables the management of order fulfillment, refunds, commissions, resellers, and more for both eCommerce platforms (the UCX Virtual Channel and Shopify) in one place.

“As we expand our eCommerce services, the Shopify integration is here to provide vendors with a simple solution for their multi-channel sale,” said Ryan Ripa, Vice President of Product at UCX. “We want to empower vendors, resellers, and distributors to sell online faster, and manage their workflow with efficiency. With the Shopify integration, they keep track of product sales across channels, into one centralized location in the Virtual Channel. They can focus on selling without having to worry about keeping track of product sales across channels, because with the Shopify integration sales are synced in real time.”

Features and benefits of the Shopify integration include:

– Channel sales consolidation – resellers can capture and collect orders on UCXmarket and send them directly to Shopify for unified management, processing, and fulfillment. Sales are synced in real time in both channels for optimal efficiency.

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– Reseller management – by integrating Shopify into their Virtual Channel, vendors consolidate all their product sales to their Shopify store and are able to manage all resellers and their orders from one centralized location.

– Workflow automation – with the integration, vendors maintain accurate inventory levels and issue refunds without having resellers go back and forth with buyers. The automation process covers ordering, fulfillment, shipping, invoicing, and more for a straightforward selling process.

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