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Introducing SellX, the On-Demand Sales Engine Solving the Growing Talent Crisis for Companies Looking to Scale Fast

$2M Investment From GroundUp and State of Mind Ventures and Over 150 Companies on Board

SellX, a smart sales platform and talent marketplace connecting companies with an elite remote sales force to drive revenue, launched today. Built for companies looking to scale faster and more efficiently, SellX provides access to premium, on-demand sales talent who are empowered to work with anyone, anywhere. At launch, over 150 companies including Deel, Swimply and Sunday are utilizing SellX to reduce risk, cost and time associated with building, managing, scaling and retaining an in-house sales development team.

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“SellX is solving the ongoing sales talent shortage in the workforce by leveraging a rapidly-growing pool of skilled remote workers who can be hired on demand. We’ve built the fastest, easiest and ‘smartest’ way for a company to scale a top remote sales team and grow their revenue,” stated Dean Glas, CEO SellX. “Within a few months, companies using the SellX platform have generated a sales pipeline of over $60M in revenue.”

SellX’s integrated toolset helps companies grow at lightning speed. Companies are often bottlenecked by their inability to scale their sales and revenue teams fast enough. With a staggering 35% attrition rate, highest among all other industries, the average tenure of a sales rep is less than 12 months, and turnover can cost upwards of $20,000 per employee.

The SellX platform is an end-to-end solution for companies to acquire more customers faster, by launching customizable campaigns to a network of top-performing sales reps to generate and qualify leadsThe data-optimized platform is complete with integrated sales and marketing tools which track performance, automate workflows and manage payments. Platform features include AI-matching, targeted customer segments, multiple campaign types, defined sales rep criteria, personalized sequences, multi-channel outreach and real-time analytics. The platform integrates with existing tools including Salesforce, Hubspot, Calendly, Chilipiper, Google and more.

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“I am always looking to partner with smart, hungry and creative entrepreneurs that are looking into the future, trying to solve tomorrow’s problems, today,” added Yuval Baharav, General Partner, State of Mind Ventures. “With the current dispersion of talent and rise of freelance employment and the ongoing challenges companies face with effectively scaling their sales teams and accelerating their sales cycles, I fully believe SellX is uniquely positioned to redefine its industry.”

Shifting sentiments toward the future of work show that 50% of the workforce will be freelance by 2027 as more people prioritize flexibility in their jobs. With SellX, top sales reps have an unparalleled opportunity to take full control over when, how and where they want to work.

SellX is backed by $2M in funding from GroundUp and State of Mind Ventures. The company was founded by a team with deep experience in scaling a range of successful startups including several exits to major companies including TikTok and Binance.

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