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G2 Market Intelligence Informs Smarter Go-to-Market Decisions with Millions of Data Points from Real Software Buyers

Interactive dashboard serves up real-time product, competitive, and market insights to marketing and strategy teams

G2 introduced G2 Market Intelligence, an interactive dashboard that translates the millions of data points collected on G2 into actionable insights about companies’ products, competitors, and customer preferences. The first live data hub from G2 — the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace — arms marketing and strategy teams with unique insider knowledge to inform smarter go-to-market decisions.

Looking to retain, upsell, and acquire customers, software companies know it’s critical to keep a pulse on the market. However, sourcing accurate, relevant, and up-to-date data on what buyers want and how to position against competitors can feel like a moving target. Not only are there often dozens of competitors to track across multiple categories, but the fast-paced software landscape is constantly evolving — as new products and features are introduced, acquisitions occur, and challengers emerge.

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A new way to track product, competitive, and market insights in real-time, at any time

Instead of spending hours manually digging for information or investing in one-off, expensive, custom market research that quickly goes stale, G2 Market Intelligence is updated in real-time based on verified G2 reviews. With this new offering, organizations can better understand their customers, the competition, and market trends through the proprietary voice of customer data. These accessible and always-up-to-date insights enable them to improve messaging, build informed roadmaps, optimize their strategies, and more.

“Whenever someone submits a software review on, we collect 40+ data points. While some of that data is made public with their review, there is a lot more insight available,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “With 1.9 million reviews on G2, we are sitting on a wealth of data sourced directly from real users. And today, we’re introducing a new way of rolling up all of that amazing data and making it more accessible to software sellers. With G2 Market Intelligence, we’re eliminating the guesswork and illuminating the ‘why’ behind the market shifts. We look forward to inspiring discovery among software companies — leading to those ‘aha’ moments that drive meaningful change for them and their customers.”

Specifically, G2 Market Intelligence serves up actionable insights on Product Perception, Win-Loss, and Pricing and Contracting, enabling users to:

  • See who clients are switching to, plus the specific customer reviews driving those swaps. Uncover trends in the data to address issues and spot emerging competition before it’s too late.
  • Understand exactly how their value is perceived by current customers. Get a glimpse at how competitors compare — with data that’s not found elsewhere, like their average discount.
  • Track key customer sentiment metrics and compare to your competitors, with consistent data month-over-month that reveals trends.

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Visualize data by the views and segments that matter most to your business

G2 Market Intelligence users can explore visualized trends of key metrics, including deep information not surfaced on the public G2 marketplace, plus slice and dice the data by what is most important to their business — including time period, segment, industry, category, and region. Teams can select competitors in their category to compare against and even dig into the individual, anonymized reviews powering each chart.

The full data set includes access to verbatim customer feedback and ratings on the customer’s product, as well as the same data on all of their selected competitors. This unprecedented access provides the opportunity for additional analysis that can shed light on almost any go-to-market challenge.

“For most B2B companies, go-to-market is completely broken. Internal teams are misaligned on strategy, as competitors win more market share and customers continue to churn,” said Sangram Vajre, co-founder and CEO, GTM Partners. “While not intentional, this outcome occurs too often when decisions are rooted in guesswork – or partial, siloed data at best. With G2, we can unlock a much deeper and more comprehensive level of intelligence not found elsewhere, gaining the insights we need to provide high-growth companies with strategies that will turn their GTM into a competitive advantage. It’s the source of truth for what’s happening in the software market.”

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