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Video Conferencing Services Expert, IVCi, Lists Four Solutions to Enhance Your Huddle Room

With the open office floor plan taking over workplaces around the world, workers have been turning to huddle rooms as a refuge from the constant noise, interruptions, and chatter that come from an open office space. Huddle rooms are efficient and designed to pack the most utility in the smallest space, oftentimes including basic accommodations for group meetings and conferences that need to take place in a private setting. However, as great as the classic huddle room is, there are a few key upgrades you can use to enhance its effectiveness. Video conferencing services expert, IVCi, lists four solutions to enhance your office’s huddle room below.

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  1. Wireless Information Sharing. Technological difficulties plague meetings all the time in the corporate world. Enhancing your huddle room with wireless information sharing can cut down on lost time and provide an easy, streamlined way to share content and information across devices. This benefit increases employee collaboration, as materials can be freely exchanged between those connected to the network.
  2. High Quality & High Resolution Presentation Technology. Huddle rooms make for great places to hold small group presentations and pitches, alongside acting as a practice stage for bigger company keynotes. Fitting a huddle room with high quality, high resolution presentation technology makes the space more valuable to employees. Ensuring the screen can handle multiple resolutions and sizes is a must to accommodate every type of software and preference.
  3. Centralized Control. Huddle rooms equipped with all of this technology need to be united under one central management system, otherwise they lose their efficiency. Having centralized control of all the tech in the huddle room makes operations a breeze; your employees will have the power to control all of their collaboration from one place, in addition to huddle room schedules and custom AV settings for each piece of equipment as needed.
  4. Video Conferencing Software. The most valuable addition to a huddle room is video conferencing software and equipment. Having high-quality screens, cameras, and microphones make a world of difference for virtual conferences and one-on-ones, enhancing the overall professional video conferencing experience. Your office automatically expands worldwide with video conference technology, allowing employees to reach any corner of the world in mere minutes.

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Huddle rooms are truly modern innovations in office design, but there are tons of ways they can be upgraded and used more effectively than in the past. Analyze what kind of work needs your employees have on a day-to-day basis, then equip the huddle rooms with the proper equipment so employees can do their job more easily and better.

IVCi cloud video conferencing is a global technology leader for standardized, yet scalable, Collaborative Meeting Spaces, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, Cloud Based Services and industry leading back-end Managed Services. We partner with you to set a Collaboration & Migration Strategy, which includes identifying, deploying, and managing the ideal technology mix to improve your business’ bottom line and support the most ambitious ROI models that support and justify your investments.

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