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RhythmOne, Launches Preferred Deals in Order to Expand Support for Its Programmatic Direct Deals Platform

Preferred Deals, publishers may offer a specific buyer the option in order to bid on inventory on a very first right of refusal time frame – and in turn, buyers innately have more flexibility to meet strategy objectives with a clear route of where their bucks are going.

“Trust and transparency” is usually my mantra of choice nowadays, as disruptive technologies for example server-side header bidding – coupled with the opacity from the programmatic ecosystem – have got resulted in buyers and retailers reducing and/or consolidating technologies partners in favor of more substantive partnerships. eMarketer covered this particular very phenomenon in a Q3 2019 report, US Programmatic Fees 2019.

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The majority of programmatic transactions are full of technological handshakes, making it tough for buyers to determine the number of intermediaries are involved and whether or not they bring value to the formula. While the path can be muddied, what advertisers want is apparent: to reduce hidden fees, increase efficiency, and ensure ad invest delivers to legitimate visitors on premium apps plus domains.

On the flip side, content owners are usually reducing the number of sell-side technologies vendors they work with to prevent higher fees, minimize incorporation headaches that strain sources, and protect the consumer encounter by limiting “ technology on page” that can impact load times.

These “associated with reduction” are part of the trending set of strategies plus tactics used by content proprietors and advertisers in the programmatic ecosystem called Supply Route Optimization (SPO). Through visibility and efficiency, SPO eventually should help to empower customers to choose the best path in the direction of a desired impression.

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To pass the particular SPO litmus test, Provide Side Platforms (SSPs) should offer buyers more manage with flexible buying choices, access to differentiated brand-safe provide, and pricing efficiencies. To assist meet publisher needs, SSPs must deliver incremental worth in terms of quality demand, competing fee structures, granular information, and/or advanced technical features.

A clear path in the direction of flexibility, transparency, and control 

In late February, RhythmOne introduced self-serve support for Preferred Offers. This expands its  self-serve support for Programmatic Immediate Deals they had  introduced in January – which and of itself is a great approach to publishers to sell premium supply only to interested buyers on higher CPMs. It also provides advertisers the reliability associated with transacting on fixed prices and guaranteed inventory.

Now, along with Preferred Deals, publishers can provide a specific buyer the option in order to bid on inventory on the 1st right of refusal base – and in turn, buyers innately have more flexibility to meet strategy objectives with a clear route of where their bucks are going. Preferred Deals provide publishers the ability to establish plus control their prices to assist return higher yield and will be offering buyers the flexibility to decide in case an impression matches campaign goals.

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To complement these tools, RhythmOne  offer publishers a very competing fee structure to help reduce their particular cost of doing business and enhance their bottom line. As the march in the direction of a more transparent and effective programmatic ecosystem gathers vapor, we will continue to find brand new and improved ways to provide value to our partners.

RhythmOne arms high quality publishers with tools to assist maximize their revenue era potential and a campaign system that offers robust reporting plus transparency to help enable more efficient inventory management.

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