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PadSquad Deploys the Iguazio Data Science Platform to Predict Ad Performance in Real-Time

Iguazio, the data science platform built for production and real-time machine learning applications, announced it has been deployed by mobile software company PadSquad, to improve the relevance and performance of the digital campaigns they run for their customers worldwide.

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Thrilled to be working with @padsquad to bring #AI and #ML to adtech!

PadSquad is revolutionizing traditional media with interactive features and innovative technologies that transform the audiences’ experience and engagement with ad creatives. Iguazio was deployed by PadSquad to use AI to improve ad performance and reduce media costs for their customers. They do this by ingesting and acting upon real-time events – from contextual content on the page, engagement with creative elements like video views, swipeable panels and hot spots, to the season and time of day – at a rate of over 3,000 events per second. Utilizing online and offline behavioral data from multiple sources, available to them through third party platforms and their own internal tools, Padsquad can now harness machine learning to optimize ad performance and provide a better and more personalized user experience for their customers’ audiences.

“Real time AI is critical to ad performance, and until we had an effective data science platform in place we weren’t taking full advantage of all the data at our fingertips,” said Daniel Meehan, CEO of PadSquad. “Working with Iguazio enabled us to get our AI application up and running in a matter of weeks.”

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Iguazio’s Data Science Platform streamlines the process of bringing AI applications from research to production that so many companies find challenging. The platform automates the operational side of developing and deploying machine learning, allowing data scientists to focus on business logic rather than operations. With an open and integrated architecture, everything from data collection and preparation to training, deployment and management is completely orchestrated, enabling data science to be as smooth and simple as possible. Iguazio empowers companies to deploy complex projects quickly with a lean team – decreasing time to market significantly.

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