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Integrate and Marketo Enable B2B Marketers to Accelerate Revenue

Integrate becomes a Marketo LaunchPoint partner to help joint customers increase pipeline, improve lead-to-opportunity rates and reduce customer acquisition costs

At Adobe Summit – The Digital Experience Conference, Integrate, a leader in B2B demand orchestration, announced it has expanded its collaboration with Marketo, an Adobe company, to help joint customers drive engagement with prospects and customers more effectively and accelerate revenue. B2B marketers that use Integrate and Marketo together can automate lead processing, cleansing, and routing from their customer acquisition channels into Marketo, eliminating manual data quality processes and enabling sales and marketing teams to nurture leads faster.

Integrate and Marketo customers have recorded significant results from delivering marketable, accurate, and globally compliant leads into Marketo, including significantly reducing customer acquisition costs, increasing lead-to-opportunity conversion rates and increasing pipeline by up to six times.

“Many of Integrate’s customers use Marketo as their marketing engagement solution and have asked us to make this combination even more potent,” said Jeremy Bloom, founder and CEO of Integrate. “By taking our integration to the next level, we can now deliver a premium experience for Marketo users that ensures an even greater return on their investment.”

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Marketo Accelerate Partner and Enhanced Integration

Integrate announced it has joined LaunchPoint by Marketo, as part of the Accelerate partner program. In conjunction, Integrate enhanced its integration with Marketo to enable more data and information to flow between Integrate and Marketo, resulting in a more streamlined process for delivering leads to Marketo. Together, Integrate and Marketo allow their joint customers to orchestrate demand generation efforts and gain a holistic view of the customer journey by connecting top-funnel campaigns to lower-funnel conversion metrics.

The collaboration underscores Integrate and Marketo’s symbiotic relationship. Integrate uses Marketo as its system of record for marketing engagement, and Adobe and Marketo use Integrate’s demand orchestration platform to automate delivery of clean, intelligent lead data into their systems.

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Focus on Driving Revenue and Accelerated Growth

“Marketers can only take full advantage of Marketo’s capabilities with high-quality lead data entering their marketing database,” said Shai Alfandary, global head of LaunchPoint Ecosystem at Adobe. “The actionable, high-quality leads passed from Integrate into Marketo empowers our customers to drive effective engagement.”

“As marketers, we know that data is the driving force behind every decision we make,” said David Alexander, vice president of marketing at SAP Concur, a leading organization in travel, expense and invoice management. “At SAP Concur, data is the foundational building-block for how we record and monitor every aspect of our performance, and build our plans for the future. Integrate helps us keep our data clean, insightful and actionable, enabling us to leverage Marketo for appropriate sales and marketing outreach that drives growth.”

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“One of the biggest drags on revenue efficiency is poor data quality. Not only can it require significant manual effort upfront to remediate, but there are also exponential downstream costs when it’s not kept in check,” said John Donlon, senior research director at SiriusDecisions. “Any organization that can automate its data quality processes at the perimeter of their ecosystem will gain a huge advantage throughout the waterfall in conversion rates, velocity, volume of deals and even deal size.”

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