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Discovery, Inc. and 605 Partner to Expand TV Attribution Capabilities

The Companies Are Leveraging 605’s Combined Dataset (The Nation’s Largest) to Measure TV’s Impact on Both Branding and Sales

Discovery, Inc. announced that it is partnering with 605, a next- generation television measurement firm, to take full-funnel attribution to census scale for the very first time. The companies will leverage data aggregated from multiple MVPD and ACR viewership sources totaling nearly 40 million households, the largest ever utilized for a TV attribution study.

Both 605 and Discovery believe that full-funnel attribution at scale is the next step in the evolution of the TV measurement market. The first companies to partner on this approach at this scale, Discovery and 605 can empower brands to determine campaign effectiveness across the full marketing funnel. This includes information on top-funnel (brand lift), to mid-funnel (engagement), to bottom funnel (sales and return on ad spend). The insights drawn from this work are used to optimize the performance and impact of the client’s ad campaign on a go-forward basis.

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“We are excited to work with the 605 team to bring full-funnel attribution to market for our clients. It’s critical to look beyond sales attribution and measure the impact of a campaign across the funnel,” said Keith Kazerman, EVP, Digital Sales, Advanced Advertising and Research, Discovery, Inc. “We consider full-funnel attribution a natural extension of Engage’s outcome-based ad optimization services, on an expanded national deterministic scale thanks to our combined footprint with 605’s multi-source viewership dataset. Together with 605, our team can put these insights into action, both in service to our customers and to advance the industry standard of outcome-based optimization.”

605’s multi-source viewership data and analytics offer whole-home TV viewing visibility, combining the best attributes of both set-top-box and ACR data. By tapping into 605’s full-funnel attribution offering and unique ability to deterministically combine multiple MVPD and ACR datasets with a national projection methodology, Discovery will be able to target audiences who are most responsive to the TV campaigns and improve campaigns on an ongoing basis.

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“The combination of Discovery and 605’s viewership datasets will extend full-funnel attribution measurement to a national scale the industry has never seen before. The large viewership dataset not only supports high resolution, deterministic measurement, but allows for ongoing tracking of both brand and sales lift in a single, integrated solution,” said Ben Tatta, co-founder and president of 605.

Discovery plans to offer this new service through its Discovery Engage product. Discovery Engage is a state-of-the-art data management and analytics platform for targeting, optimization and measurement beyond age and gender to deliver greater effectiveness and impact for clients’ ads.

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