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Advid Receives First OEM Partnership, 100% Co-Op Eligible in Audi’s New Tier III Marketing Covenant Guidelines.

Advid’s Automated Video Platform Is Now Co-Op Eligible for All Audi Retailers in North America.

Advid is pleased to announce its new relationship with Audi North America as a Co-Op eligible pre-roll provider for Tier III automotive. Effective September 4th, 2019, Advid’s automated, dynamic video technology will be available to all Audi dealers in North America at a preferred rate through Audi’s new Tier III Marketing Covenant Guidelines. Advid can be selected as a pre-roll provider independently of which digital advertising partner the dealer elects to utilize.

Advid is an intelligent video advertising platform that simplifies the process of creating and maintaining video ads at scale, making video advertising more efficient for advertisers. Its unique technology creates relevant video ads, then uploads, buys, and maintains the videos on YouTube automatically.

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Advid uses advanced video technology to create over 35,000 videos a month – making it the most cost-effective and scalable video advertising solution on the market. Advid also incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to manage and optimize each video campaign on YouTube for maximum market performance and engagement. For auto retailers, Advid can create customizable video ads for every product in a dealer’s inventory, complete with dynamic offers and creative, that are shown to consumers based on their unique shopping behavior. The videos are updated nightly to YouTube to adjust to frequent changes in inventory, incentives, and pricing. Advid’s inclusion in the new marketing covenant guidelines will allow all Audi dealers to harness the power of video advertising with custom branded videos for their entire inventory.

“By utilizing Advid’s technology in a recent pilot in the Chicago market, we saw a significant lift in conversions, search intent, and a 53 percent increase in phone calls. The pilot results were so impactful that we wanted to make Advid available to all our dealers,” says Jeramie Westbay, Manager of Retail Digital Experience at Audi.

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Advid has a proven track record of high performance, generally doubling results for half the cost. According to reports from Google, the auto industry average cost-per-view (CPV) is $0.10 with a 20 percent view rate. Advid more than doubles these results — averaging anywhere between a 35-to-45 percent view rate, with an average CPV of $0.03 In addition, Advid videos generate about 125,000 impressions, more than 110 hours of free branding, and thousands of free impressions – all at no additional cost to the dealer. *

Advid was a significant technology investment that took our organization years to develop. We are honored to have worked so closely with Google and Audi to make this platform available at the regional and dealer levels. Video advertising is the fastest growing digital advertising medium and now, Audi dealers can activate their dealerships and receive 100% Co-Op, regardless of which digital advertising partner they select for other mediums. This gives Audi dealers more flexibility and choices to better advertise their inventory on YouTube. We look forward to serving Audi and its dealers in North America,” says David Boice, CEO of Advid.

Advid’s inclusion in the revised marketing covenant guidelines is coupled with Audi’s update to the Audi Partner Program – the addition of an all new digital advertising segment comprised of six certified digital advertising partners. Advid’s Co-Op eligibility through the marketing covenant will allow Audi dealers to enroll with Advid separate from the Audi Partner Program and still receive full Co-Op reimbursement.

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