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Vidoomy Includes Evaluations and Reviews as Part of its Algorithm

Vidoomy, the leading Spanish startup in video advertising in Spain and LatAm, creates a new turn to its algorithm: Vidoomy reviews filter.

Until now, the internet user reviews who uses the internet was barely contemplated among the variables that affect the advertising shown. Vidoomy uses the evaluations that each person has about a product or service, together with their interests and opinions as the trigger of the advertising that will appear on his screen.

Vidoomy, in this way, continues with its technological evolution and the objective of improving the quality of advertising that its users access daily. The visualization of each advertisement, is based on metrics and analysis obtained from the work of Big Data analysis and operations.

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In the case of this last improvement, reviews are the variables that guide the advertising line: a positive review about a product associates a related ad according to that assessment while a negative opinion generates just the opposite. In this way, the user, without hardly realizing it, is selecting with his interests and opinions the publicity he is going to access to.

This latest innovation is added to all previously made by Vidoomy in-house development team, who are constantly looking for progress solutions to favor all areas of the business. The added value of this improvement is the increase in effectiveness of branding campaigns with greater knowledge and value of the KPIs. Similarly, prestigious web media who work with Vidoomy, are beneficiated of their collaboration with the company.

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“This will really improve the experience of everyone who uses the internet every day. Because from today, there will be no advertising of products that do not fit the interests of the user, no matter how much they are in the right target,” says Eric Raventos, COO of the company.

With this business strategy, Vidoomy continues creating video advertising solutions that guarantee the success of the campaigns developed. “Our goal is not to be able to show the user all the possible advertising options: it is to allow the user to influence the service we offer to guarantee the result what do they seek. The formula of our success is to always take into account the priorities of our clients and the development of technological improvements such as this filter that allow us to carry it out,” says Marcos Cuesta, CEO of Vidoomy.

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