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AV Managed Services, IVCi, Lists Common Mistakes Made When Utilizing Video Technologies

Video technology is a powerful tool. Knowing the right way to use your video technology is important for remaining professional and conducting successful business. Making a small but costly mistake can end up derailing what you’re working on.

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AV managed services, IVCi, lists common mistakes made when utilizing video technology.

Not testing the connection and equipment ahead of time. Preparation is key for video conferencing. It’s important to test your connections and equipment ahead of time, especially if you are using a new system for the first time. You don’t want to waste everyone’s time fumbling through technical difficulties, which can also come off as unprofessional.

Using less powerful microphones and speakers. People often make the mistake of relying solely on their computer’s speakers and microphones. Or, they use external equipment but do not position them properly or use the best quality equipment. This can lead to feedback, static, and muffled voices which causes meeting delays and miscommunications.

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Not using the right tools. There are tools beyond basic video and audio that enhance the videoconferencing experience, which people sometimes fail to utilize. Screen sharing tools are the most common example — rather than pointing your camera at your computer screen or verbally explaining something, you can simply share your screen with the other person and walk them through a presentation or document.

Not treating it like an in-person meeting. There are some principles of business etiquette that sometimes fall by the wayside during video meetings. It’s important to remember that participants can see and hear you the same way they would during an in-person meeting. Eliminating distractions, making eye contact, using positive body language, and respecting a person’s speaking time are all things that should carry over from in-person meetings to video conferences.

Not thinking about the environment. Unlike a phone call, the physical appearance of the room during a video conference makes a big impact. Make sure to select a room with proper lighting, plan walls, and good noise control to make sure the conference goes smoothly and without distractions.

IVCi is a global technology leader for standardized, yet scalable, collaborative meeting spaces, unified communications, video conferencing, cloud based services and industry leading back-end managed services.

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