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Admetrics Launches Free Bayesian Statistics Engine Quantifynow for 10x Faster Decision Making in Marketing Analytics

Admetrics, a marketing analytics company that supports advertisers with data science solutions to gain actionable insights into their marketing data, announced the release of QuantifyNow, a Bayesian experimentation and statistics engine that provides capabilities that until now have only been available to enterprise clients.

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With QuantifyNow, Admetrics is offering a freemium version of its flagship product Quantify. Quantify is a fully automated experimentation engine that enables marketing teams to switch to an agile always-on experimentation process and implement continuous testing and campaign optimization. By leveraging Bayesian statistics, marketers can now make decisions up to 10x faster compared to traditional approaches.

Markus Repetschnig, CEO of Admetrics says: “After launching Quantify last year, we received incredible feedback from our clients. To show off the transformative effect of our approach on a broader scale, we decided to build QuantifyNow – a feature-limited, but completely free version of Quantify so potential customers can experience its effectivity first hand.”

Quantify is much more efficient than the current industry practice and outperforms traditional testing and experimentation methodologies by eliminating the flaws and inconveniences of A/B tests – such as long test periods, inconclusive results, and limitations to the number of testable variations. Quantify equips campaign managers with analytical capabilities only available to experienced data scientists.

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Although data science sits at the core of today’s marketing, marketing teams often rely on limited internal or external resources to analyze campaigns and carry out experiments. This is why we built Quantify for marketers first – using it does not require a background in data science or statistics. Quantify enables marketers to take full control of their experimentation roadmap.

With Quantify we were able to increase the ROAS of campaigns by more than 30%”, says the CMO of BoomBit Games, who have been taking part in a pilot phase of the product. “It helped us to gain a better understanding of our audiences, how they react to new games and features, and which targeting strategies work best. The results provided by Quantify are invaluable as they allow us to iterate faster and to optimize our advertising efforts.”

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