Listing Mirror has introduced an integration with Wish that allows its online sellers to automatically sync product listings to the popular shopping platform. Listing Mirror users are now able to replicate and update their listing data without manual entry, enabling them to drive more sales with less work.

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Without multi-channel ecommerce software like Listing Mirror, online sellers must update product listings on each marketplace manually. This makes listing management tedious and can lead to overselling (recording sales of items that have already sold out). Through an integration with Wish’s API, Listing Mirror enables sellers to replicate product listing data from any store directly to Wish, saving countless hours and keeping listing data in sync across all platforms.

“Listing Mirror continues to be agile and responsive to the feedback of our clients, and we are happy to add another channel integration at no additional cost,” said Brian Wawok, CEO and Co-Founder at Listing Mirror. “We are especially excited to add one of the world’s largest global marketplaces, Wish. We expect that this integration will enable all of our clients to increase their sales and grow their businesses.”

“Wish offers a truly unique mobile shopping experience, built around fun and entertainment,” said Tanai Kamat, Partnerships Lead for Wish. “We’re delighted to be working with Listing Mirror to further diversify our merchant network and bring a selection of affordable goods to millions of consumers around the world.”

Online sellers will benefit from gaining access to Wish’s global audience in more than 100 countries. Through Wish’s merchant dashboard they will also be able to track their performance metrics, inventory, advertising and customer communications to help improve their business operations.

Listing Mirror will offer customer service for any sellers who use the Wish platform, helping to support technical considerations and making store setup and listing syncing as seamless as possible. The company plans to add integrations with more platforms in the near future.

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