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Introducing TheLoops 1.0 – an Intelligent Support Operations Platform

The only platform that contextualizes product, operational and customer data

TheLoops, an intelligent support operations platform, announced the release of version 1.0 of its enterprise-grade platform. TheLoops transforms the support experience, enabling agents to make decisions faster and deliver modern support with real-time access to operational customer product feature data within tools such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom and Jira.

TheLoops contextualizes data for businesses, delivering digital customer transformation. By learning from collaborations across support, customer success and engineering, it revolutionizes the support experience by providing insights from broad data sets and recommendations embedded in intelligent process flows – upskilling representatives to make them preventative and growth oriented. In effect, TheLoops bridges the gap between support and engineering. In addition, real-time insights drawn from people, process, and tooling interactions also help support managers to be more effective in monitoring the state of their service operations.

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Key benefits of deploying TheLoops include:

  • Unified Data – correlates all of your customer product data to identify the customer issue, present recommendations, and initiate workflows in a single view.
  • Real-Time Insights – for support, contextual recommendations dramatically reduce handle time and resolve support tickets quickly.
  • Continuous Learning – every resolution experience is retained to improve the next and scale results, building a frictionless customer experience by helping to prioritize feature and bug fixes.
  • Intelligent Collaboration – agile, stateful process flows that run across systems and teams learning from each interaction and keeping everyone in sync. You no longer need to ask a customer what they’ve already told you.
  • Operations Visibility – contextual awareness of your operations for processes improvement, forecasting and change management. While also providing visibility of agent performance and customer metrics.

SaaS products are generating a massive amount of customer interaction data, as is the tooling that surrounds them. This tooling includes support tickets, but also system alerts, team messages, log files, product analytics and more. Using product signals, TheLoops correlates and contextualizes data during the customer journey in order to identify problems and solve them. Figuring out where things could go wrong is a more efficient path to solving customer issues – leading to faster resolution, easier collaboration, and the build-up of tribal knowledge within the organization.

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Somya Kapoor, CEO of TheLoops, said: “We live in a world where more digital businesses recognize that leveraging automation and analytics to support human-centric engagement will improve the quality of customer relationships and drive empathetic loyalty. Many companies have digitized their data, but not their customer experience. This is where TheLoops steps in. By having an agile approach to customer support, we enable our clients to scale their businesses while reducing operational costs. TheLoops transforms support from being a cost center to a growth driver.”

TheLoops is a no code, low code cloud-based solution with a monthly/annual pay-as-you-go subscription. It has an advanced security framework and is audited for SOC2 and GDPR compliance. In June 2021, TheLoops closed an $8.5 million seed funding round led by Dell Technologies Capital, with participation from Tidal Ventures and Westwave Capital.

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