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Mediafly Unveils Complete Revenue360 Suite: To Connect Sales Enablement, Revenue Intelligence, Value Selling and Buyer Engagement

Featuring a robust insights engine, Revenue360 brings a data-driven approach to revenue enablement, helping B2B organizations regain control over the buyer’s journey

Mediafly, a leader in revenue enablement and revenue intelligence, today unveiled its complete Revenue360 suite, four comprehensive solutions that serve as a command center for revenue teams to coach, assess, predict and interact with audiences more effectively at every stage of the buyer journey. With Revenue360, Mediafly brings science to sales, using real-time buyer and seller engagement signals to take a prescriptive, data-based approach to sales enablement and execution.

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According to Gartner’s Future of Sales Research, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels by 2025. Whether a buyer is showing intent on a website, viewing or sharing content, naming competitors in conversations, introducing new stakeholders or canceling meetings, revenue teams are under increased pressure to capture the data and leverage the insights to adapt their sales process in real-time. Activity-level data empowers sellers with knowledge as to when, where and how to create personalized, value-based experiences that accelerate pipeline velocity, shift deal trajectory and guide modern buyers to confident purchase decisions.

“Digital selling is here to stay, giving the buyer a tremendous amount of control and putting the seller in reactive mode. B2B revenue leaders everywhere are watching this shift unfold and facing two options: Proactively embrace it and take advantage of the related signals or sit back in wait-and-see mode,” said Carson Conant, CEO and co-founder of Mediafly. “With contextual insights into how buyers engage at every step, dynamic training and coaching, and interactive experiences that capture and keep buyers’ attention, Revenue360 puts sellers back in the driver’s seat so they can meet and exceed goals.”

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Revenue360 features a robust insights engine, enterprise-grade security and a scalable data lake architecture that supports seamless integrations. The suite can be deployed together or as individual solutions, including:

  • Enablement360: Onboard, train and coach with prescriptive guidance using sales enablement, coaching and learning management, sales content management and presentation tools and services proven to ramp reps faster and improve quota attainment.

  • Value360: Showcase personalized, quantifiable value to prospects and customers with ROI and TCO calculators, business value assessments, and diagnostic assessments.

  • Engagement360: Breakthrough to distracted buyers with personalized experiences using enterprise content management, curated microsites, video messaging, interactive presentations and storytelling.

  • Intelligence360: Automatically capture every activity and conversation, improve pipeline health and boost forecast accuracy with robust sales analytics and KPI tracking, predictive forecasting, conversational intelligence and pipeline management.

As companies increasingly shift to a RevOps model, consolidation of the tech stack is inevitable. Revenue360 captures data and insights across the customer lifecycle to benefit the entire revenue team. Leadership has visibility into forecast accuracy, coaching opportunities and pipeline health. Marketing teams can streamline content delivery, understand content usage and performance, and ensure consistent on-brand materials. Sellers are well-prepared and know where and how to engage; Post-sales teams can improve customer retention by communicating realized value and proactively identifying upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

“Revenue360 solves the critical challenges revenue teams face today. That includes long sales cycles, stalled deals, lack of predictability, ineffective coaching, unused content, lengthy ramp times, and ultimately, uncaptured revenue left on the table quarter after quarter,” said James Davison, chief product officer, Mediafly. “Unlike traditional sales enablement and revenue intelligence solutions that work independently, trapping data in disparate tools, we deliver an integrated data-driven experience that elevates enablement and improves sales execution.”

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