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CloudShare Launches Flexible Sales Enablement Solution to Reduce Sales Friction, Illuminate Buyer Journeys and Empower Teams with Advanced Analytics

Cloud-Based Demos and Hands-On POCs Boost Sales Funnel Efficiency and Drive Higher Conversion Rates

To help speed sales funnel velocity for software companies, CloudShare, a leading provider of specialized cloud environments, announced the availability of its Sales Enablement solution. CloudShare lets companies powerfully showcase their software solutions on demand and within minutes, providing easily managed demos and proofs of concept (POCs) for unlimited users worldwide.

CloudShare’s solution enhances both the demo and POC stages of a company’s sales funnel, and also offers end-to-end invitation, tracking and management dashboards, providing unmatched visibility into a prospect’s engagement in real time. At the demo stage, sales engineers can spin up a predefined environment for prospects, which centralizes demo preparation and eliminates onsite travel by technical experts. At the POC stage, CloudShare provides managed, secure distribution of any sales POC for a tailored, hands-on software experience.

“CloudShare makes it easy for our sales engineers to demonstrate the many different technologies of Check Point around the world with a simple laptop instead of a rack of equipment,” said Avi Rembaum, VP of security solutions for Check Point Software Technologies.

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Using CloudShare Sales Enablement, a team member can quickly update a software sales demo for a new sales opportunity, invite any number of prospects to a software POC and know exactly when and how a prospect uses it. CloudShare’s built-in Sales Enablement analytics dashboard brings all the intuitive tools needed to manage and respond to an opportunity at every stage of the funnel.

By eliminating potential friction throughout the sales cycle, CloudShare ensures faster time to close. Companies also benefit long term from end-to-end POC engagement data, giving sales greater end-user visibility and activity metrics to analyze behavior, identify showstoppers and step in with proactive prospect guidance.

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CloudShare’s Sales Enablement solution lets sales leaders:

  • Manage the sales funnel – Gain real-time visibility into customer activity and engagement so reps can react quickly and effectively;
  • Align teams – Ensure that everyone is using the same centralized demos and POCs; and
  • Streamline sales administration – Bring greater cost-efficiency to sales, support and product training by reducing dedicated technical or IT staff requirements.

“Immersive demos and POCs are already the most effective ways to engage prospects and ensure they understand the value from newly adopted solutions,” said Michal Frenkel, vice president of product at CloudShare. “Our Sales Enablement platform lets leaders spend less time on administrative sales tasks and more time providing value to their customers.”

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