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Datadog Launches Certification Program to Strengthen and Validate Power-Users’ Knowledge of the Datadog Platform

Certifications for Datadog, Log Management and APM fundamentals will validate user proficiency to employers and peers

Datadog, Inc., the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications, announced the launch of its Datadog Certification Program. The program builds on the Datadog Learning Center to help developers further uplevel their observability skills.

As organizations continue to modernize and invest in cloud-based solutions, they need highly skilled professionals who know how to get the most out of their observability platforms. The Datadog Certification Program offers these professionals a path to build and demonstrate their knowledge of both Datadog’s platform and industry best practices. The program also allows partners to showcase their Datadog competency to potential customers.

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By achieving certifications in Datadog, Log Management and APM fundamentals, cloud professionals can validate their practiced competency in monitoring with Datadog while also earning badges based on the exams they’ve completed. Successful certification signals to peers and employers that they have proficiency in the industry’s leading observability platform and have demonstrated the ability to apply that knowledge.

“We are thrilled to formally launch the Datadog Certification Program. These exams were purpose-built to test users for the skills and knowledge that DevOps and observability teams value most,” said Jeremy Garcia, Senior Director of Technical Community and Open Source at Datadog. “Our goal with this program is to help cloud professionals showcase their experience with observability and the Datadog platform to ultimately help them grow their careers.”

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The three certifications available at launch include:

  • Datadog Fundamentals: This exam is for entry-level users who can exhibit a working knowledge of Datadog’s products and common use cases, including how the Datadog ecosystem works and how to use the platform effectively. Expected competencies include Linux basics, common scripting languages and other computer fundamentals, along with Datadog Agent configuration and commands. Attendees of Dash, Datadog’s annual conference, can take the Datadog Fundamentals exam onsite at the event.
  • Log Management Fundamentals: This exam is for individuals with at least six months of experience using Datadog. This certification tests for users’ functional knowledge of log collection in Datadog, including how to use log parsing and associated rules, how to search and filter logs and how to use log analytics for troubleshooting.
  • APM & Distributed Tracing Fundamentals: Like the Log Management Fundamentals course, this exam requires at least six months of experience with the Datadog platform and validates the user’s understanding of different tracing architectures and their ability to instrument applications manually and use Datadog APM features.

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