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Clari Announces Powerful Additions to Industry-Leading RevAI to Help Companies Create, Convert and Close Pipeline Faster

Revenue Platform leader infuses purpose-built AI throughout every revenue workflow so teams can stop revenue leak and capture more revenue

Clari, the leading Revenue Platform, announced several powerful updates to RevAI, the company’s industry-leading Predictive and Generative AI capabilities designed to help revenue teams stop revenue leak and capture more revenue. Instead of devoting hours to laborious meeting follow ups, frontline teams can leverage RevAI’s new capabilities– Ask Clari, Smart Chapters, Smart Feed and Smart Follow Ups– to automatically identify and execute the right actions to improve conversion and close rates.

Clari announces powerful new capabilities to its industry-leading RevAI solution, helping companies stop revenue leak and capture more revenue.

Sales reps and frontline managers are overburdened with manual processes that contribute to revenue leak and take time away from selling. Clari introduced Predictive capabilities in 2013 and Generative AI in 2023 — making RevAI the first comprehensive, purpose-built AI for RevTech. RevAI is built to support the workflows and use cases of all revenue-critical employees, from reps to execs. By automating work, it gives teams time back, empowering them with easy, intuitive access to AI in the flow of work: “AI when and where they need it,” to boost team productivity and revenue attainment.

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And because RevAI is powered by the world’s most comprehensive source of revenue data — RevDB — Clari’s predictive and generative guidance continuously improves as RevAI learns from RevDB, creating an AI flywheel effect of better answers, better actions and better outcomes. Customers routinely achieve a 95% increase in forecast accuracy, a 10% reduction in slipped deals, and a 67% increase in productivity (based on Clari Labs Analysis and Forrester).

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester on behalf of Clari shows that Clari’s AI-powered platform significantly reduces “revenue leak” – the loss of revenue due to breakdowns in the revenue process. The platform helped customers save 40% more committed revenue ($9.6B) after leveraging the platform.

New RevAI capabilities include:

  • Ask Clari. Revenue pros can now ask any question of their Clari Copilot call recordings — What were the key pain points? Did the customer mention competitors? — and RevAI instantly generates answers based on all customer and prospect conversations. This targeted approach saves users considerable time, whether they are a manager looking to identify key decision makers or a rep honing in on customers’ sticking points in advance of the next call.“We’re impressed with Ask Clari’s speed and accuracy. Given the huge volume of conversations we’re having with prospects and customers throughout the quarter, we get back precious time we can devote to solving customer problems instead of searching for information,” said Jean-Baptiste Brunet, Sales Strategy and Operations Manager at Shippeo.
  • Smart Follow Ups. Smart Follow Ups — instantly-generated emails based on formatted call summaries, next steps, and suggested actions — are now available directly in Groove Actions, where reps spend the lion’s share of their daily work. By bringing Smart Follow Ups into Groove, reps can more easily and quickly follow up with customers and prospects, accelerating conversion and close rates.
  • Smart Chapters. RevAI now provides a visual, time-stamped representation of all major topics discussed in each call. Now, users can quickly pinpoint when certain topics were discussed, and extract key insights more easily, without having to play back the entire call – leading to rapid diagnosis of actions required to progress deals forward.
  • Smart Feed. RevAI aggregates snippets from calls and meetings into a single feed, helping users quickly identify critical moments. The feed can be tailored for every user’s strategic priorities– key deals, new initiatives and market trends. With built-in commenting and sharing features, collaborating across revenue-critical functions has never been easier.

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“Our leadership teams use the Smart Feed to keep up-to-date on the critical moments happening throughout the quarter on all our deals. It’s proven to be a simple yet powerful solution that has boosted collaboration across revenue, marketing and product teams,” said Benjamin Roach, Head of RevOps and GTM Systems at Ardoq.

“RevAI is everyday AI for revenue teams – infused into their workflows to enable exponentially greater productivity, impact and job satisfaction. When sales reps and revenue leaders are more productive, revenue increases,” said Rohit Shrivastava, Chief Product Officer at Clari. “That’s why our RevAI portfolio is purpose-built to eliminate tedious, administrative work and unlock their vast potential.”

Previously announced RevAI capabilities include Smart Summaries, which provide instant recaps of revenue-critical emails and calls, and automatically help revenue teams execute follow-up actions; and Smart Battlecards that are AI-generated in real-time to help revenue teams effectively counter customer objections and concerns. (Reps who use Real-time Battlecards have 10% higher win rates according to Clari Labs.)

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