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Shipt Launches New Rewards Program To Recognize Shoppers for High Quality Service and Care

Shipt Summit Seeker Program introduces new perks such as industry-leading gas cashback offer, $50 in grocery credits and wellness perks

Shipt, a retail tech company known for connecting people to high quality delivery, announced the launch of the Shipt Summit Seeker Program, a brand new shopper rewards program. Shoppers with Shipt pride themselves on going above and beyond, and Shipt designed this program to reward them for their high standard of service whether they shop every day or once every few weeks.

“We know our customers appreciate shoppers who go above and beyond and our new Shipt Summit Seeker Program recognizes that extra effort shoppers put in,” said Raj Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer of Shipt. “Even someone who only shops a few hours a week can take advantage of this program. Because the Shipt Summit Seeker Program was built in collaboration with shoppers, it rewards them for high quality service with some of the things shoppers value most.”

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Program perks were prioritized with shopper feedback in mind:

  • Based on a nationwide survey conducted in March 2023 and out of 7,500 responses, gas discounts are overwhelmingly the most requested perk by shoppers, with over 80% of shoppers surveyed sharing that gas discounts are the most valuable to them. Today, Shipt is announcing that it is expanding the investment into Upside and is now able to offer the industry-leading gas perk to shoppers in the Summit Star tier: up to $1 per gallon cash back for two fill-ups in each 60 day period. After the two fill-ups in each 60 day period, shoppers may still be able to access up to $0.25 per gallon cash back as an Upside user.
  • Based on a nationwide survey conducted in March 2023 and out of the 7,500 responses, 70% of shoppers surveyed shared that grocery credits would be valuable to them as they shop for their own families. Shipt took that feedback to heart and is rewarding shoppers in the Summit Star tier with a $50 credit in their Shipt member account to be used on purchases at a retailer of their choice. All shoppers with Shipt already get a free Shipt membership, and now top-tier shoppers will be able to use this reward toward their own day-to-day purchases.
  • On top of the perks that all shoppers already have access to, Shipt is launching a new partnership with a wellness partner, Avibra, to give eligible shoppers a variety of wellness perks, including injury protection insurance, $1,000 in life insurance, $10,000 of AD&D coverage, housing, debt and credit counseling, a 24/7 well-being advisor and a prescription savings program – all at no cost. Shoppers registered with Avibra will also have access to the company’s Dollar Benefit Store where, for only $1 a week, they can access even more savings on things like roadside assistance, dental and vision, chiropractic & alternative medicine, critical illness, group fitness classes, mental health support and more.

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When creating the Shipt Summit Seeker Program, Shipt kept flexibility top of mind and took a different approach than others in the industry by prioritizing quality and not quantity of shops, knowing that more than 80% of shoppers choose to work less than 10 hours a week. The Shipt Summit Seeker Program is divided into three different tiers: Wayfinder, Trailblazer and Summit Star. To qualify for the Shipt Summit Seeker Program at the Wayfinder level, shoppers must have at least a 4.70 rating, 90% on-time delivery percentage and completed 10 orders. The program cycle is 2 months long, which means all shoppers will have their qualifications evaluated every 60 days.

Shipt meets once a month with an advisory council of shoppers from across the country to talk about what’s top of mind for shoppers in their communities and solicit their feedback. The company shared the progression of the Shipt Summit Seeker Program with these seasoned shoppers and made changes to it based on their input.

Shipt is committed to working in partnership with shoppers and drivers to help them build their business and preserve a flexible work experience. Shoppers and drivers can always share feedback with Shipt HQ directly at in-person events such as the Beyond Tour and calling into Shipt’s 24/7 support team.

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