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ETP Group Announces the Launch of Ordazzle, an E-Commerce Management Platform

The integrated platform enables multi-channel e-commerce businesses to streamline their complex workflows, eliminate errors, ensure SLA compliance, and scale operations, all in one place.

Asia’s leading omni-channel technology solutions company, ETP Group launches its cloud-native e-commerce management platform, Ordazzle. It is built on a microservices architecture that helps e-commerce and omni-channel businesses achieve their true potential.

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Ordazzle comprises of six components that work smoothly together, namely: Product Information Management, Smart Order Management, Inventory Management, Logistics Management., Marketplace Management, and API Management.

Using these modules, Ordazzle synchronises with a multitude of marketplaces, webstores, and logistics providers to help smartly manage any size of e-commerce business. Ordazzle helps manage new products and catalogues with flexible attributes, images, videos, inventory, promotions, and price updates. Handling many nodes across countries and allocating and routing orders to the right nodes, Ordazzle ensures that the right products reach the right customers at the right time & cost.

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“Ordazzle is the result of an exhaustive domain experience of ETP that stems from the successful execution of over 500 enterprise software projects across 35,000+ stores for 300+ brands in last three decades. As the retail environment is digitally transformed, we are seeing an increasing need to centrally manage and unify retail’s digital and physical presence while driving efficiency and reducing efforts and costs. Ordazzle addresses this need inherently and helps redefine the e-commerce management experience.” Neev Ahuja, Director – Sales & Marketing, Ordazzle

“Ordazzle helps e-commerce brands and businesses to make data-driven decisions to fulfill orders, make consistent product information available, manage stocks, and drive promotions accurately and effectively. With Ordazzle’s industry-best multi-platform integration, e-commerce businesses can streamline their complex workflows across their e-commerce channels in real-time, sync inventory, manage logistics, and more importantly, and meet all the SLAs to elevate their e-commerce management, all from one platform.” Veer Ahuja, Director – Solution Architecture, Ordazzle

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