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Acutrack Announces Integration with Etsy to Facilitate Smooth Seller-Buyer Operation

Acutrack, a leading book fulfillment service, is happy to announce integration with Etsy, an e-commerce service provider trusted by over 100M+ users.


Acutrack, a leading book fulfillment service that provides both printing and logistics, is happy to announce integration with Etsy, an e-commerce service provider trusted by over 100M+ users. A hugely successful network of independent sellers, 87% of Etsy store owners are women who make, collect and curate their products, as well as manage their orders and inventory.

Acutrack has built an integration with ETSY using REST API. This allows Acutrack to communicate with the merchant’s ETSY account and automate the fulfillment process seamlessly. According to Mr. Raj Barman, CEO of Acutrack, “This partnership streamlines all processes across the supply chain of an Etsy seller- right from order fulfillment to inventory management.”

Once the ETSY integration with Acutrack is completed, when a buyer makes a purchase in an Etsy store, the order will be automatically notified to Acutrack’s system. You can log in to the portal and view the orders.

As soon as the shipment notification is received, Acutrack’s team will pick, pack, and ship your order. Once the order is shipped, the tracking number will be sent to the Etsy store instantly.

An online dashboard and a committed team of customer support provided by Acutrack ensure complete end-to-end tracking of every order. Along with global fulfillment, merchants on Etsy will have access to easy inventory tracking via this integration.

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The Acutrack Advantage:

Integration with Acutrack makes life simpler and smoother for a seller on Etsy. From the time the order is placed to the time the product is delivered, the seller has complete control without having to put in the extra effort.
If the seller so wishes, they can choose to add printed brochures, a thank you card or a surprise addition to the order, thus increasing personalization and adding to customer delight thanks to the Acutrack offers Kitting and Assembling service.

Acutrack can print and compile them into pre-sorted kits which can then be easily assembled, custom packaged, and then shipped. If the order is of high priority, then Acutrack can deliver it in 24 hours.

Acutrack is the perfect book printing service and print-on-demand fulfillment partner for anyone who wishes to work directly with their customer base.

Acutrack’s technology-driven platform is integrated with multiple e-commerce platforms to provide a seamless experience in printing and shipping. Each order received is automated and offers the seller complete tracking and shipping information on their respective e-commerce platforms.

Another competitive edge that Acutrack brings to the table is that when they print and deliver, Acutrack allows their customers to manage it all from one easy to operate and understand dashboard.

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This ensures that every Acutrack customer knows who their customers are, their order history as well as where they are. They have a complete customer profile ready and available. This invaluable data is a treasure trove of insights that can be used to understand the areas their businesses need to grow in and the holes they need to fix in order to take their businesses to a higher place. Another key result of having customer data is that up-sell becomes that much easier, besides giving the customer complete control of their revenue too.

With multiple state-of-the-art production and book fulfillment services, Acutrack delivers anywhere in the world. Acutrack provides end-to-end tracking of orders along with an online Dashboard for 24/7 reporting.

Apart from that, Acutrack also provides added services like automated inventory alerts and a dedicated and experienced customer support team. Acutrack’s presence on both the coasts of the US and also Europe cuts down on high zone, high-cost shipments.

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