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Independent Analyst Report: “…SAS Continues to Blaze a Trail With Cutting-Edge Analytics”

Customer Analytics Technologies, Q2 2022 analyst report recognizes SAS as a leader in customer analytics technology solutions

SAS is one of only three leaders among top customer analytics technology providers evaluated in The Forrester Wave: Customer Analytics Technologies, Q2 2022 report. In an evaluation encompassing three groups of criteria (“current offering,” “strategy” and “market presence”) SAS Customer Intelligence 360 had the highest “current offering” score of the 12 “most significant” vendors and received the highest scores possible in 19 criteria total.

“We believe that to be included as a leader in this evaluation speaks to the continued importance that SAS places on analytical innovation and operationalization, as well as creating and delivering customer-level insight to all departments within organizations around the globe,” said Jonathan Moran, Head of MarTech Solutions Marketing at SAS.

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SAS received the highest possible scores in the following:

In the Current Offering category:

Three out of four Customer data management criteria:

  • Breadth of customer data
  • Data preparation and transformation
  • Data enrichment

Seven out of 12 Analytics criteria:

  • Dynamic customer segmentation
  • Customer propensity analysis
  • Next best experience analysis
  • Product recommendation
  • Text analytics/NLP
  • Image/video/speech analysis
  • Customized analyses

Two out of three Action and Activation criteria:

  • Decisioning
  • Optimization

One of two Usability criteria:

  • Data visualization and dashboards

Both Governance and ethics criteria:

  • Model Monitoring
  • Privacy and ethics

In the Strategy category criteria of:

  • Supporting Products and Services
  • Partner Ecosystem

In the Market Presence category criteria of:

  • Revenue
  • Number of customers

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Advanced analytics for today’s world
In today’s marketing landscape, analytics are crucial to achieving the holistic and detailed understanding of customers that is necessary to create a cohesive customer experience. As native advanced analytics capabilities become commonplace, SAS® Customer Intelligence 360 differentiates by providing both advanced analytics that offer a robust 30,000-foot view, as well as granular insights into customer behavior.

“In today’s world, brands are overloaded with marketing technology — think 30 to 50 to even 100+ solutions. The task of delivering a cohesive, consistent customer experience can become costly and nearly impossible if you aren’t orchestrating it centrally,” added Mr. Moran.

“At SAS, we’re embedding best-in-class customer analytics and customer data platform capabilities directly into our martech solution in order to create complete customer understanding,” he continued.
“The result for our customers is the ability to deliver a more agile, immersive customer experience and to run a more efficient business.”

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Innovative capabilities for modern marketing
Marketing channels traditionally operate independently of one another. However, as these channels migrate to differing SaaS solutions, the customer experience muddles, and revenue suffers accordingly.

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 offers a solution that powers a unified customer journey with sophisticated analytics.

When every marketing channel has its own orchestration, data, content, agenda, and integrations, IT may struggle to keep up with the move to disparate SaaS solutions, making traditional independent operation a roadblock to progress. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 offers a solution through unified data management and customer analytics capabilities.

A Leader in real-time interaction management per The Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q2 2022, SAS offers a customer state service that monitors and updates a unified customer profile based on changing signals across the entire business. This profile informs multiple user types and personas and will impact engagement actions across departments. This ability to see customer profiles in action empowers our clients to pave a smooth path for customers, no matter where they interact with the brand, enhancing reputation and revenue.

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