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Analytics Leaders Need to Navigate the Technology Behind Decision Intelligence

New 451 Research | S&P Global Market Intelligence Report Shows the Way

Decision intelligence has the potential to improve stakeholders’ ability to make data-driven decisions by furnishing them with a self-service software platform designed to make the decision-making process easier, faster, more rigorous and more effective. To achieve this objective, decision intelligence requires a complete platform for data access and preparation, business analytics and data science. That is the conclusion of Navigating the Technology Behind Decision Intelligence, a new report from 451 Research | S&P Global Market Intelligence. The study is available from Pyramid Analytics, a pioneering Decision Intelligence platform provider, which commissioned the study.

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Decision intelligence can make successful data-driven decisions a more achievable goal through the involvement of a broader set of stakeholders – if it has the correct technical foundation.

Key Points:

  • Decision intelligence can make successful data-driven decisions a more achievable goal through the involvement of a broader set of stakeholders – if it has the correct technical foundation.
  • 451 Research found that 43% of respondents believed data will be significantly more important – business critical – to organizational decision-making 12 months from now.
  • The report describes requisite technical foundations of a decision intelligence platform.
  • Decision intelligence can reduce the failure rate of data and analytics projects. A 451 Research survey found that only 37% of respondents said that 81% – 100% of their organization’s data and analytics initiatives in the last two years had been successful.
  • Navigating the Technology Behind Decision Intelligence is available for free ungated download. You will not be asked for contact information.

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Decision Intelligence is the Next Big Data Analytics Innovation

The next major innovation in analytics is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Applying AI across Data Prep, Business Analytics, and Data Science is what separates decision intelligence from traditional business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau. AI lowers the skills barrier by automating the highly technical work needed to prepare and analyze data and create and share reports and dashboards.

The Pyramid Decision Intelligence Platform delivers data-driven insights for anyone to make faster, more intelligent decisions. The Pyramid Platform provides instant access to any data, enables automated governed self-service for any person, and serves any analytics need, from the simple to the sophisticated. By uniquely combining Data Prep, Business Analytics, and Data Science with AI guidance in a single environment, the Pyramid Platform reduces cost and complexity while accelerating growth and innovation. This enables a strategic, organization-wide approach to Business Intelligence and Analytics.

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