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Six SalesTech Tools Sales Leaders should be Thankful for this Thanksgiving!

SalesTech Star lists 6 salestech tools that sales teams should be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

The future of your business and the efficiency of your Sales Pipeline massively depends on the Sales Tech Stack under your disposal. Much like the dynamics of the sales teams that use them, sales tools also differ in their capabilities and offerings. This Thanksgiving, let’s see what some of the most popular sales tech tools in various segments are based on popular peer reviews.

Sales Engagement

ConversicaConversica– Around 54 per cent of all emails land up in spam. Personalization and relevance are the keys that determine whether your prospective customer will respond or not. According to a review left by John Mitzel, a marketing director with a telecommunication company on a popular peer review site, e-mails from Conversica are like those from a real person.

Once a reply or a lead is received, it promptly alerts the lead owner and saves him the pain of searching the full inbox. The AI-powered tool understands even complex conversations. In short, sellers believe that it is great at working low-level leads and filtering leads who are genuinely interested in a product

Sales Dialer

Let’s not forget that the simplest thing a sales rep expects from a sales dialer is a near-zero call drop. does that wonderfully and integrates well into existing martech/salestech systems. For instance, Ring io logs call information in CRMs like Salesforce automatically. As dialers have to work in tandem with sales coaching platforms, records all calls. has an easy to use dashboard and an organised interface. This allows reps to work without keeping too many windows open at the same time. It hides the actual number like many of its competitors.

“A Chrome browser extension, ensures that callers do not have to leave the browser to make calls, drop voicemails, and work through a calling queue,” says Nathan Baker, Director of Recruitment and Analytics of Taylor University on a popular review site.


Sales Enablement Tool

brainsharkBrainshark helps you create and manage your Sales and Marketing training content. The forte of Brainshark’s solution is the ability to engage sellers with video-based learning content that can be created quickly and updated easily. According to users, Brainshark helps in clubbing and compiling data and content in a single space. According to a reviewer who declines to be identified, it is incredibly beneficial during the onboarding process. “Our trainees really enjoyed using the program. They were able to work at their own pace, but I could keep track of what had been done and when. With continued sales coaching, we were able to get our money’s worth,” the reviewer said. If a sales content manager is what you are looking for this could be the right tool.

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Sales Acceleration

4. Xant

Xant (formerly Inside Sales) is simply, one of the biggest competitors of Outreach in 2019. “Playbook by Xant solves missing steps in my sales cadence”, says Erica Mayes, a Business Development Manager at Groupon according to a review online. It lists out to Sales people every account that they have to email or call on a day. Like several of its competitors, playbook automatically fills up sales emails with templates and integrates well into the Salesforce ecosystem. Salespersons largely agree that the solution lives up to its claims and that it can improve the productivity, visibility and effectiveness of teams in a way CRMs and AI alone cannot.

Sales Incentive Compensation Management

Xactly Incent: Incent Pro replaces and automates time-consuming spreadsheet-based manual processes. For a Sales performance leader, this means accurate Commission calculations, quota setting, extensive Compensation Plan Management among others.

“Having customer incentive statements for each division makes it easy for me to adjust just that one team without affecting other teams,” says Penny Hatch, a Sales performance Manager with Grifols according to a review online.


Sales Analytics and Sales Forecast

salesforceSalesforce Einstein Analytics: Well! with a sea of data under its disposal, it’s hard to beat Salesforce Einstein in analytics. The AI-enabled Einstein learns from your internal data and delivers predictions and recommendations based on your business processes. It gives sales representatives a score to identify the lead which has more potential to convert. For the C-Suite, it gives easily digestible heads up in the form of forecasts, tables and graphics. The technology has been perfected using the humongous amount of data within the Salesforce ecosystem.

In 2019, businesses deployed some of these tools after evaluating the ROI based on their sales volume, training requirements and interoperability among other factors. If you are looking ahead to switch tools or deploy a new sales tool, now is the time to ponder with a glass of champagne in your hand. Happy ThanksGiving!

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