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FrogData Revolutionizes Service Management with FixedOps Mojo AI Analytics

FrogData, the automotive industry leader in data analytics, announced the launch of FixedOps Mojo, a groundbreaking Service Management Dashboard that optimizes fixed operations for auto dealerships. Part of the WarrantyBoost+ solution, FixedOps Mojo leverages AI-driven data analytics to provide actionable insights for performance improvement.

FrogData launches FixedOps Mojo, revolutionizing auto dealership service management with AI-driven analytics.

FixedOps Mojo integrates seamlessly with dealerships’ DMS systems, offering daily updates and complete KPI tracking for service managers. In addition, the platform’s AI engine enables faster and more accurate warranty rate analysis, empowering dealers to file for rate increases at the earliest possible time.

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Revolutionizing Service Management with Data-Driven Insights
FixedOps Mojo provides a comprehensive service management dashboard that integrates seamlessly with dealers’ existing Dealer Management Systems (DMS). Utilizing advanced AI-driven analytics, the platform offers daily operational insights that help service managers optimize productivity, reduce costs, and enhance service lane upselling opportunities.

Key features of the FixedOps Mojo dashboard include:

  • Fixed Ops Control: Central hub for service department reporting.
  • Open RO Snapshot: Provides real-time updates on repair orders.
  • Express Service Analysis: Analyzes efficiency and profitability of express services.
  • Op Codes & Warranty Analysis: Deep dives into operation codes and warranty repair orders to maximize profitability.
  • Technician and Advisor Comparisons: Compares performance across technicians and service advisors, highlighting areas for improvement.
  • Body Shop Analysis: Detailed insights into body shop operations.

Tailored for the Auto Industry’s Needs
FixedOps Mojo addresses the complexities of managing auto dealership service operations. Traditional Dealer Management Systems (DMS) lack robust analytics for swift decision-making. This becomes especially crucial with the rise of complex newer vehicle models and EVs that require specialized repairs, which in turn generate significant warranty revenue. Efficient warranty management is essential to sustain these revenue streams. FixedOps Mojo offers a comprehensive analytics solution that enables dealers to enhance productivity, cut costs, and streamline warranty claim processing effectively.

“With the launch of FixedOps Mojo, we are redefining service management for the automotive industry,” stated Tej Soni, CEO of FrogData. “Our innovative dashboard seamlessly integrates with dealership management systems, and provides comprehensive data analytics, enabling service managers to make better operational decisions. By delivering focused insights and actionable intelligence, FixedOps Mojo helps dealers boost profitability, streamline processes, and elevate customer experiences. We’re thrilled to bring this game-changing solution to market.”

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Impact on the Market and Benefits for Dealers
With its cutting-edge analytical capabilities, FixedOps Mojo is set to become an essential tool for auto dealerships. The platform is designed to significantly enhance dealer profitability, adding an average of $200,000 in additional profits per dealership annually through optimized service operations and improved warranty rate reimbursement.

FixedOps Mojo is now available as part of the WarrantyBoost+ subscription, with each subscription including an annual warranty rate analysis and submission service. Auto dealers looking to enhance their service operations and financial performance are encouraged to contact FrogData for a demonstration.

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