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Ecosystems: Predictive AI is democratizing value selling

More subscribers using AI in B2B sales drives Ecosystems’ record growth of 53 percent

By leveraging AI to instill and democratize value-selling skills across all customer-facing teams, collaborative value management software platform Ecosystems announced a year-over-year surge in ARR of 53 percent, only four months into 2024.

The growth is fueled by a subscriber base increase of over 15,000 since the end of 2023, now applying Ecosystems’ Virtual Value Engineer, ViViEN, as mission-critical when going to market with prospects and customers. ViViEN AI transforms sellers into proficient practitioners of value selling by optimizing business case content and coaching sales execution.

With its predictive AI, ViViEN offers prescriptive recommendations that instill collaborative value-selling skills among sales and customer-success team members, regardless of their time and tenure on the job. The prescriptive workflow increases win rates by 3.4 times, Ecosystems’ research has found.

Talkdesk, a global cloud contact center leader for enterprises of all sizes, partners with Ecosystems for its commitment to the future of AI-driven value selling.

“We see Ecosystems as a true thought leader in the category of collaborative value management and are excited by this partnership where ViViEN democratizes value selling across an organization,” said Talkdesk President and Chief Operating Officer Bill Welch.

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HP, a global technology leader, leverages the Ecosystems platform across the entire customer value lifecycle.

“We are excited to bring the power of ViViEN to our customer conversations to help them capture the value they are deriving from HP,” stated Grad Rosenbaum, VP & GM, Global Customer Success, HP.

Ecosystems’ growth surge and market acceptance validate the application of predictive AI to enterprise value selling, said Ecosystems CEO Chad Quinn.

“The science of value selling was once a skill that took years to acquire,” Quinn said. “With ViViEN and the record financial performance it has spurred, Ecosystems has proved that value selling can be democratized. Firms use our software to provide every team member with trusted guidance in the best practices for consulting with, winning, and retaining customers.”

Ecosystems remains committed to exploiting its first-mover advantage in AI, said Ecosystems Chief Product Officer Mike Plaskow.

“Two decades of experience in value selling have taught us that sellers excel as editors rather than creators,” Plaskow said. “We’re making ViViEN better and better at identifying winning patterns and delivering content and coaching that improve the odds of winning deals.”

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The depth of our growing user base continually refreshes and strengthens ViViEN’s recommendations by generating high-quality data for harvesting, Plaskow noted.

“A large and growing database creates a significant and trustworthy model for AI to train on,” he said. “Going forward, we continue to double down on research and development into ViViEN, ensuring the investments needed to make sure its recommendations and prescriptions are constantly improving.”

Within that user base, Ecosystems analyzed 2,960 interactions and found that ViViEN accurately predicted the outcome of more than 2 out of 3 deals. The finding from a small slice of users points toward the broader potential of predictive AI, when used repeatedly, to elevate the collaborative skills and success rates of entire teams, Quinn said.

“Our financial performance is validation of the mission-critical aspect that Ecosystems has infused into predictive AI,” he said. “We are extremely grateful to the subscribers who have put their faith in us and our ability to develop AI into an everyday, democratizing platform. We remain humble and hungry. There’s more work to do here. We’re going to celebrate our growth but get back to work right away to see where we can take ViViEN next.”

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