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OceanX Data Platform Helps Power the Subscription Economy with Oracle Cloud

Replacing AWS with Oracle for OceanX Data Platform enhances performance that enables clients to gain real-time, actionable insights into the customer journey

Helping brands build lifelong relationships with consumers, OceanX LLC, a subscription commerce platform provider, has adopted Oracle Cloud for its business intelligence and analytics segment of the OceanX subscription commerce solution. In order to enable its clients to gain real-time access into the customer journey, OceanX moved its business intelligence and analytics systems from AWS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service. With Oracle Cloud, the company has increased performance and saved on costs, while helping ensure its clients have 24/7 access to subscription performance metrics and consumer data that allows them to react to customer needs faster.

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From apparel to beauty, subscriptions are undergoing a renaissance. The industry has grown more than 100 percent each year in the past five years. A subscription-based business model revolves around cultivating long-term customer relationships with a focus on lifetime value. OceanX’s data systems, as part of the all-in-one subscription commerce platform, builds these relationships by collecting and connecting data across the entire customer journey, delivering actionable insights to its clients and allowing them to analyze data at any stage and assess each membership experience. With the many services available in the market, failure to provide these immediate insights and capabilities will have a negative impact to the client’s growth in both customer acquisition and retention.

“Consumer packaged goods organizations and large omni-channel retailers are dealing with skyrocketing consumer demand for subscription services,” said Vijay Manickam, vice president of Data and Analytics at OceanX. “We needed our data platform to scale and deliver high performance at a lower cost. The migration of the data platform from AWS to Oracle was one of the most successful migrations at OceanX, and coupled with a significant performance gain with substantial cost savings meant the entire program was a tremendous accomplishment. This ultimately enables us to deliver our clients a platform that allows them to make more informed decisions, faster.”

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OceanX enables great brands and passionate entrepreneurs to easily sell physical goods directly to consumers while building long-term relationships with their customers. OceanX’s Exadata Cloud Service deployment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows OceanX to go one step further and reimagine the future client data experience. OceanX has deployed multi-terabytes of data in Exadata Cloud Service, and Exadata’s built-in database-optimization has enabled OceanX to improve its data processing throughput by 3x compared to its previous non-Oracle cloud platform. OceanX now has a solid foundation that can support emerging critical needs such as DevOps, analytics and monitoring. In addition, OceanX looks forward to leveraging Oracle’s upcoming AI-driven Autonomous Database Management capabilities, which will enable OceanX to make architectural changes with significant savings in overhead, cost, and speed of production deployment.

“Today’s consumers move in real-time,” said Kash Iftikhar, vice president of product and strategy, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Any slowdown in data-intelligence becomes a missed opportunity to deliver the services customers are seeking. With Oracle Cloud, OceanX has the agility to easily access the data needed to help its own customers build lasting brand advocates.”

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