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New Research from Sigma Computing Reveals Frustration, Embarrassment, and Insecurity Dominate the Data Conversation

Data Culture is Not Materializing in Companies with Growing Data Communication Divide

Sigma Computing, an innovator in cloud-native analytics and business intelligence (A&BI), released a new research report entitled, “The Data Language Barrier: Bridging the Gap between Data and Business Teams.” The report outlines the notable tension between data teams and business domain experts when it comes to building data-driven organizations and the barriers both teams find in generating insights that drive business outcomes. As a result, frustration, embarrassment, and job dissatisfaction are rising to the surface.

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New research from @sigmacomputing shows a stark communication gap between #BI and business teams is preventing organizations from realizing the #data-driven dream.

The report illustrates a stark gap in data confidence and perceptions of what it means to be data-driven. The lack of data literacy and collaboration between data and domain experts may be working against the desire to build a culture around data exploration and insights. Despite this mounting pressure to be data-driven, 39 percent of business domain experts admit they are “not totally sure” how to define the term in practice. A third (34 percent) of domain experts admit they are not confident in their ability to articulate data questions or needs to their data teams, and 30 percent are embarrassed by their lack of data knowledge.

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Data experts, on the other hand, feel insecure about the results they are able to deliver, compounding the tension between the teams. Nearly half (46 percent) of data experts admit that their lack of domain expertise gets in the way of delivering the most accurate or relevant reports. Domain experts agree that the deliverables data experts provide are missing the mark with a fifth (20 percent) of domain experts reporting they rarely or never feel as though their data needs are adequately met by their data team.

“We can’t divorce data from people. The power that data holds for any organization is directly dependent upon the ability of analysts and domain experts alike to apply their unique expertise to the data exploration and analysis process,” said Sigma Computing CEO Mike Palmer. “In order for there to be meaningful data-driven progress and team cohesion, you can’t expect analysts to be experts in every business function – you have domain experts for that. BI tools should bring teams together – not divide them – and support a community-driven approach to discovering insights.”

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