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Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition Brings AI/ML Capabilities for Self-Service Experiences

Now a Free Edition of AI-Powered Search and Analytics Enabler for The Salesforce Community and App by Coveo

Coveo, the leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for search and predictive analytics, is offering Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition. The announcement makes Coveo among the first AI-enablers to integrate with Salesforce, powering self-service experiences for some of the leading global brands. Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition will deliver more relevant content, at scale, whether for customers, partners or employees.

Coveo, a Salesforce Gold ISV Partner, was recently positioned among the top companies in the Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines, earlier this month. The company attributes its success in Insight Engines to the proprietary solutions for Intelligent Search, Predictive Analytics, and Cognitive Computing. The leading AI-enabler combines machine learning and usage analytics to understand a user’s intent and context. These insights are logically structured to help users accomplish their goal, regardless of how a question is asked and, increasingly more common, issuing AI-based recommendations even when no question is asked at all.

Coveo for Salesforce Before-After
Coveo for Salesforce Before-After Stages

Coveo’s AI-powered search enables organizations to look across their entire ecosystem of data and knowledge, irrespective of data source, to generate important insights found in the data. These insights power a more mature level of relevance by enabling organizations to pre-emptively know what their user is most likely to need and proactively recommending it, even in ways that were not consciously invoked or initially sought after.

Content Marketing Within App Ecosystem Is Not an Easy Business

According to the latest report by Content Marketing Institute, “Most B2B enterprises know about the importance of content marketing but don’t take it too seriously. 11% respondents show very low commitment to content marketing.”

It is true that B2B companies unintentionally make it difficult for people to find relevant content, let alone receiving relevant insights and personalized recommendations. It is even harder for community administrators and managers to gain valuable insights, and learn from usage and behavioral data, such as what customers are searching for, what drives better outcomes or what content gaps exist in their self-service pages.

Adding Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition will allow marketers to bring Search and Predictive Analytics-based relevance to the core of every user engagement, personalization, and self-service success

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Laurent Simoneau, President and CTO of Coveo affirms the benefits of having truly optimized self-service experiences and user engagement at the center of Salesforce ecosystem.

“Search and relevance are at the very core of user engagement, personalization, and self-service success.  We wanted to offer the Salesforce ecosystem a solution with the capabilities and ease of use needed to truly optimize their self-service experiences and applications.”

Simoneau adds, “With Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition, they (Salesforce customers) can now deploy an AI-powered search solution that not only delivers best-in-class relevance, in-depth usage analytics and a rich user interface, but also provides the advanced capabilities of our machine learning engine in minutes.”

Build Powerful Apps within Salesforce Ecosystem

The Salesforce App Cloud is the fastest way to deliver secure and reliable apps at scale. By adding Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition, app developers and marketers can bring consumer-like search experiences without bearing any additional data migration costs.

Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition offers a fast, barrier-free onramp that infuses self-learning, AI technology directly within Salesforce Community and App Clouds, making Salesforce content easier to find and providing insight into what customers, partners and employees are asking for in their community.

Benefits for Salesforce Cloud Customers

Within minutes, Coveo customers can transform their community and self-service sites into dynamic, visually appealing destinations that match the vibrancy of customer’s existing digital properties, combined with the personalization power of AI-powered relevance.

Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition leverages the power of its machine learning to enable constituents to spend less time searching and more time engaging with the right content. With the Free Edition that is now available from the Salesforce AppExchange, companies benefit from the following features:

  • Machine learning capabilities that deliver the best, most relevant answers from all Salesforce content.
  • Easy drag-and-drop tools to customize their community with a rich, intuitive search user interface that matches the aesthetics of their site.
  • Coveo Usage Analytics which enable companies to continuously learn and improve, by understanding how people behave on-site, what they’re looking for and when they don’t find content, why not.
  • Flexible deployment options, available for any community, with an out-of-the-box integration with Lightning Community Builder or ability to add to existing VisualForce pages.

Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition is an ideal solution for Salesforce systems integrators and developers to integrate into their client’s Salesforce environments. For those that also require Coveo Support, an Express Edition is available for a fee. Both editions enable developers to plan on using Coveo from the beginning of each of their client engagements, and help them to easily take the search experiences they deliver to their customers to the next level.

Salesforce App Exchange partners and customers can leverage Coveo’s latest offering to increase case deflection & improve overall Customer Satisfaction Score, delivering service agents with the best information available, every time.

Stay tuned for our special series on Coveo for Salesforce App to see how the metrics help in creating a virtuous cycle of improvement with Intelligent Search for customer service.