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Alter Agents Launches New Shopper Influence Research Program

Full-service marketing research firm unveils proprietary approach to shopper market research and shopping insights

Alter Agents, a full-service market research consultancy, has launched its Shopper Influence Research program. Based on decades of shopper research experience and data from the firm’s newly fielded 2021 shopper study, the new program uses proprietary methodology to help brands better understand their consumer audience with targeted shopper insights.

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“Our latest research reinforced what we already know: brand loyalty is rapidly losing relevance,” said Rebecca Brooks, Founder and CEO of Alter Agents. “Today’s shoppers have limitless options and information at their fingertips, and they’re taking advantage of that power. This reality has a host of implications for marketers. We address these challenges directly with our new shopper influence research methodology program to give brands practical solutions to understand the modern shopper.”

The new study indicated that 76% of shoppers want to be as informed as possible when making a purchase decision. Brands need to know where their audience members are going for information, which information is most influential and where the opportunities lie to intersect with consumers. Alter Agents Shopper Influence Research methodology provides a turnkey way for brands to understand:

  • Source usage: Where shoppers are going for information and which sources they are using the most, so brands can ensure they have a strong presence in the right places, at the right time.
  • Net Influence: How influential each source is in the shopper’s decision-making process to help focus the most impactful marketing spend.
  • Shopping process: The firm’s “Shopper DIAL” gives a deep look at a shopper’s final brand choices, comparing initial conceptions to final purchase decisions.

These elements, when combined with other available metrics and data streams, add up to exponentially greater audience understanding, providing a strategic roadmap for brands to implement practical, tangible business solutions. This methodology is the latest iteration in a decade’s worth of shopper research, starting with the firm’s groundbreaking Zero Moment of Truth study for Google in 2011.

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