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Rocketlane Releases ‘Partner Central’ To Help Companies Seamlessly Scale Their Business Without Needing To Scale Their Team

Rocketlane, the leading customer onboarding and customer project management platform, has announced the launch of its new feature called Partner Central. With Partner Central, businesses can collaborate with all their external partners and customers in one centralized platform – Rocketlane, streamlining project management and communication while increasing transparency and visibility.

Partner Central eliminates the need for additional tools or separate versions of the project, making it easier to manage all partner-led projects more efficiently. It allows companies to gain 360-degree visibility into their projects and partnerships, ensuring that they, their partners, and their customers are always aligned and working towards the same goals. With real-time project and task tracking, status updates, communication, document management and reporting tools, companies can outsource projects to their partners more confidently, ensure consistent customer experience, monitor progress, and identify areas for improvement.

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“Partner Central on Rocketlane is a game-changer for companies struggling to collaborate with external vendors on multi-org projects,” said Srikrishnan Ganesan, CEO of Rocketlane. “With this level of visibility into every project and partnerships, businesses can make informed decisions, optimize workflows, and achieve better outcomes for both their business and their customers.”

Additionally, Partner Central allows organizations to scale their business without scaling their team. By involving external partners in customer projects, businesses can also increase revenue opportunities and expand their offerings. The feature also enhances security and control on Rocketlane, allowing businesses to set granular access controls for each partner involved.

“With Partner Central, businesses can outsource work with confidence, knowing that they can completely track their partners’ performance and customer experience,” said Ganesan. “Rocketlane’s Operations Insights and CSAT reports allow businesses to filter by partners and see how they are performing on every customer project, so they can make data-driven decisions about who to work with.”

Overall, Partner Central provides improved collaboration between partners, customers, and businesses, leading to better alignment and strengthened relationships. The feature enables a more cohesive and integrated ecosystem, resulting in increased revenue and expansion opportunities.

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