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OrderSolutions Partners with Olo to Help Restaurants Grow Their Takeout Business

OrderSolutions, the restaurant division of TSD Global, announced a new partnership with Olo, a leading cloud based, on-demand commerce platform for multi-location restaurant brands. OrderSolutions is the nation’s #1 off-premise order taking firm that streamlines and centralizes call-in phone orders for iconic restaurant brands.

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With staffing being a significant challenge for major restaurant chains, OrderSolutions is making it easier for restaurants to capture all of their off-premise revenue without missing phone calls. Instead of having to hire more employees, restaurants can outsource their phone orders to OrderSolutions.

This partnership allows OrderSolutions and Olo to seamlessly place to-go phone orders for restaurants. OrderSolutions provides trained agents that are masters at up-selling and increase average check size up to 35%, generating millions of dollars in additional revenue for brands. Agents utilize Olo to place orders directly into a restaurant’s POS system, creating a direct line of communication with the kitchen to quickly fulfill orders. This allows restaurants to capture orders that they would have missed otherwise. Additionally, OrderSolutions is launching an artificial-intelligent voice bot with live agent support. This new service will be available to restaurants in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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Nick Tubis, co-founder and CMO of OrderSolutions, commented,

“The timing is perfect to expand our mission to solve the restaurant industry’s biggest off-premise challenges. There is just no way a restaurant is going to have enough people available to capture those phone orders that might be missed. They have to focus on the in-store needs. This is where OrderSolutions comes into play. Olo allows us to provide an army of support for restaurants and create a simple solution for restaurant staffing. With this new model and our plans for artificial intelligence, the future is bright for expanding off-premise sales.”

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