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MICT SETA Partners with Blitzz to Utilize App-Free, Video Support Platform for Site Inspections


Blitzz, the live mobile video platform for remote customer support, today announced a partnership with MICT SETA (Media, Information Technology, Communications and Telecommunications Sector Education Training Authority), the leading sector education and training authority in South Africa. MICT SETA will use Blitzz’s app-free, video support platform to evaluate if sites are meeting the requirements needed to successfully execute accredited skills training in advertising, film and electronic media, electronics, information technology, and telecommunications.

MICT SETA processes accreditation applications received by Skills Development Providers. It also provides quality assurance for the training that they implement throughout South Africa. Through the symbiotic partnership with Skills Development Providers, the SETA is able to address the significant shortage of technical talent and bring new opportunities to individuals and communities everywhere.

The accreditation process can be onerous and time consuming because it involves assessing the availability of the required implementation site, vetting the prospective Skills Development Providers’ ability to successfully implement MICT SETA programs, and access to the requisite training equipment.

Before Blitzz, the MICT SETA Quality Assurance team traveled to the various implementation sites for inspection, often requiring lengthy journeys and overnight visits. With the introduction of Blitzz, a 3-6 hour one-way trip is replaced by a remote video inspection, reducing costs, accelerating implementation site visits and improving turn-around times.

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“MICT SETA does amazing work upskilling people, in implementation partnership with our Skills Development Providers throughout South Africa, but logistical challenges around on-site inspections limit our impact,” said Ms Natalie Nelson Senior Manager: Education, Training and Quality Assurance. “Blitzz’s video platform allows our team to rapidly review training implementation facilities in the most remote areas for accreditation and provider monitoring at a more efficient and effective pace. As a Training Authority that operates in the media, ICT and 4IR space, we are really excited to launch this virtual site visits platform as it will assist with fast-tracking our processes which were severely affected by the advent of COVID-19, while benefiting both the SETA and our stakeholders”.

The primary benefits of using Blitzz include:

  • Reduced operational overheads: Less travel means less spending on gas, maintenance, hotels, and other related expenses.
  • Improved communication: Blitzz video-support technology allows MICT SETA to see each implementation site regardless of the distance, and to collaborate with on-site facility teams as required for site inspection.
  • Enhanced visibility: MICT SETA Quality Assurance team can access a detailed tour of the premises, use augmented reality mark-up tools and notes, and capture images and videos for documenting, reporting purposes, and more. This feature ensures that aspects of site compliance are verified.
  • No app required: On-site facility workers simply click a link in a text message to allow MICT SETA to see the facility remotely.

“Strong tech training for in-demand skill sets is critical for South Africa, but it can be time-intensive and expensive,” said Rama Sreenivasan, Founder and CEO of Blitzz. “Our video platform overcomes this challenge by helping MICT SETA approve training sites for accreditation sessions faster and at a lower cost, accelerating local innovation and driving economic growth around the country.”

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