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Konsolidator Signs Referral Partner Agreement With an Alliance of 21 Independent Companies

Konsolidator is 3-year growth strategy (2022-2024) aims to increase the number of customers in new markets using the partner channel to obtain a more efficient customer acquisition approach. Konsolidator appointed a Head of Global Sales in April 2021 to further develop the partner strategy, including how Konsolidator can develop faster in new markets in collaboration with partners.
Today, Konsolidator has 22 referral partners and 11 sales partners.

The partnership with Delphi Alliance, who is currently servicing, amongst other disciplines, accounting and auditing in Greece and Cyprus, is exceptional because its an agreement with an alliance of 21 independent companies and not just a single company. In this way, the agreement with Delphi Alliance differentiates from the rest of Konsolidator´s referral partners and allows Konsolidator to reach a much broader and international target audience.

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CEO Claus Finderup Grove comments:
“Referral partners is an important channel for us to speed up our sales efforts as it allows us to expand rapidly outside our main markets. Referral partners work as affiliates promoting our software in their network and helping us generate sales. In return for referring sales meetings, they earn a commission. Because of their strong professional network, referral partners tend to bring in high-quality sales meetings resulting in faster conversions.”

Delphi Alliance  from 3 to 38 countries by 2025
Delphi Alliance is an alliance of independent firms that services clients locally and globally through their fellow alliance members. Currently, the alliance covers three countries but has a strategic goal of covering 38 countries before 2025. The members of the alliance offer services within 12 professional lines, including accounting and auditing in industries such as Real Estate, Hotel and Leisure, and Shipping.

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