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Klevu Announces Integration With Klaviyo

Inject the most advanced ecommerce AI into Klaviyo to automatically build ecommerce campaigns designed to convert shoppers with the highest intent.

Klevu, the global leader in artificial intelligence-powered product discovery technology for digital commerce today released an integration for Klaviyo, a unified customer platform that provides data-driven marketing tools – including email and SMS – for e-commerce businesses. The integration allows ecommerce businesses using Klaviyo the ability to connect search terms to shoppers to display automatically curated products in email and SMS campaigns, and use search and product data in flows and segmentation.

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“Shoppers are distracted and often multitasking when shopping. The Klevu integration will help merchants cut through the clutter with high intent, and highly relevant email and SMS.”

Today’s customers expect a personalized experience when shopping, which requires merchants to send compelling and well-timed email and SMS campaigns. With this integration, retailers can utilize a shopper’s search history to customize and send email and SMS messages featuring products customized to each individual shopper – allowing shoppers to discover products that are relevant to them and in a timely manner.

Now, “Klaviyo is a powerful platform for ecommerce brands. With Klevu now sharing shopper intent data with Klaviyo, with the products that Klevu would have displayed on the website, Klaviyo users can use search in new ways,” explained Nilay Oza, Founder and CEO, Klevu. “Go ahead, make a flow with a keyword, send an SMS that quotes their last search term, or even just the topic of a search, populate a product block with personalized product recommendations for your most-likely-to-buy customers, and see the revenue roll in during peak period.”

“Shoppers are often multitasking and distracted when shopping online. As that means shoppers may forget about something they searched for on a website, abandoned search reactivation can be a great way for merchants to convert those customers,” commented James White, Director of Partnerships for Klaviyo. “The Klevu integration will help merchants have an opportunity to cut through the clutter with high intent, and highly relevant customer communications. I’m excited about what our shared customers can achieve together to drive more search-led revenue through email and SMS.”

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