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Kameleoon Expands Partner Ecosystem Through Seamless New Integrations with Mixpanel, Heap and Segment

Enables brands to improve digital experience through better data-driven decisions

Kameleoon today launched new integrations with a range of leading product analytics and CDP solutions, helping brands to seamlessly share and analyze experimentation and personalization data across their martech stack, and to engage with users in a more targeted way based on their in-product behavior. This deeper insight enables brands to easily use their chosen product analytics tools and make optimization decisions that improve the customer experience, conversions and revenues.

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Part of Kameleoon’s commitment to continually increase the value that customers receive from its AI-driven experimentation and personalization platform, the investment in integrations with MixpanelHeap and Segment further widen its partner ecosystem, which now contains over 35 leading technology providers.

“Enterprise brands have an increasingly complex martech stack of tools and solutions,” said Fred De Todaro, Chief Product Officer, Kameleoon. “At Kameleoon we want to ensure that the data and insights from our experimentation and personalization platform are available in the best-of-breed tools that brands use daily, powering optimizing digital performance through greater conversions and online revenues.”

Thanks to Mixpanel Behavioral Analytics, brands can observe how Kameleoon experiments and personalization campaigns impact the way users interact with their websites or apps, enabling them to easily identify and replicate effective tests and personalizations, advancing their testing roadmap.

“Our customers want to convert, engage and retain more users – experimentation and personalization can be critical for achieving their goals”, said Justin Lau, VP, Partnerships, Mixpanel. “We are excited how simple Kameleoon has made it to integrate its data into our platform, allowing brands to better understand the impact of their experiments and take more informed decisions to improve performance.”

“This is the start of our closer integration with Mixpanel,” added Fred De Todaro, Chief Product Officer, Kameleoon. “By the end of the year, we will allow our mutual customers to define a cohort through Mixpanel’s UI (for example “users who interacted with the search engine in the last week”) and have the option to export that set of users to Kameleoon, where it can be used for further segmentation.”

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Through Kameleoon’s one-click Heap integration, customers can seamlessly analyze and understand the value of A/B test and personalization data from inside Heap reports and dashboards, making business decisions faster based on the data they have collected.

“At Heap we’re focused on helping brands craft exceptional digital experiences by giving them automatic access to a complete set of customer data, along with the tools to turn this data into action,” said Zac Fuld, Technology Partnerships Manager, Heap. “Kameleoon shares our vision of using data to make better, faster business decisions that improve performance. Together our seamless integration helps Kameleoon’s enterprise customers unlock deeper insight from digital experimentation and personalization, with minimal effort and maximum impact.”

“Integrating Heap and Kameleoon allows us to put each visitor at the center of our experimentation program. With Kameleoon’s out-of-the-box integration with Heap, we can iterate faster and identify new testing hypotheses and by taking data-driven decisions more quickly we seamlessly improve our clients’ business performance,” said Alex Mason, Experimentation Strategist, Widerfunnel.

By integrating Kameleoon with Segment, brands can easily share A/B test and personalization events with more than 200 marketing and analytics tools connected to their Segment account. This deepens understanding of the effect of running experiments on the entire customer journey and provides the capability to consistently extend personalizations to other channels by automatically using Segment events.

“Having a Segment bridge allows us to link experiment data with our central database, crucially helping us measure impact across a broader set of key measures when relevant,” said Nikita Kursov, Conversion Optimisation Manager, from Kameleoon customer Papier. “This could be anything from how particular changes impacted customer support and refund rates to understanding the longer-term impact of certain experiments on our customers.”

All integrations are available now to Kameleoon customers and can be easily activated from within the platform with a single click.

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