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International Consortium iTrazo, Persequor, Tive Delivers Digital Traceability Solutions To APAC

APAC companies anticipate end-to-end IoT traceability solution to track and trace products moving through supply chains

 iTrazoPersequor and Tive – a consortium of digital supply chain experts from AustraliaDenmark and the United States have formed an alliance that will deliver supply chain transparency and serve the traceability needs of customers across the region. For safety, quality, sustainability or provenance – a product’s end-to-end journey, visibility has become a base expectation for most companies, customers, and consumers.

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The partners bring together a data-rich ecosystem of collaborative and complementary offerings within track and trace, traceability, customer engagement and visibility. “By working with the consortium, companies have immediate access to multi-sensor trackers, track and trace platforms, mobile Apps, sophisticated repositories and a multitude of software specifically created for optimal and actionable granular traceability,” said Ron Volpe, SVP International Markets for Persequor.

Reeanjou Ram, iTrazo’s CEO and Founder, feels strongly about collaborations, as she believes the right partnerships bring innovation and cost efficiencies. Reeanjou explains, “joining forces ensures readily available end-to-end solutions. Our traceability platform is complemented by Persequor’s SAGA repositories and software, all based on EPCIS standards. Track and trace events can be stored, monitored and analyzed from origin to consumption, enabling businesses to track billions of unique items, products and events.”

Tive provides cost-effective access to IoT tracking devices and insights. Many IoT devices are still in the very early stages of development and can be a costly addition to customers seeking multiple trace technology input. IoT addresses greater convenience, higher efficiency, improved quality of production and better utilization of crucial event data. The emergence of high-performance and cost-effective IoT devices such as those offered by Tive gives our customers more opportunities and options to transform their products.

Tive delivers an additional layer of load-sensing data from its Solo™ 5G trackers on shipment location and condition – temperature, light, humidity and shock. Meaningful insight data on carrier and route performance streams in real time as trackers are deployed on thousands of global shipments, making it easier for businesses to track and monitor their in-transit goods Globally. “We believe that iTrazo, Persequor and Tive each uniquely contribute to the consortium’s offering, as collaboration and open access is a strong driver for Tive who has partnered to create the Open Visibility Network (OVN) that increases visibility data across various platforms to benefit everyone involved in global supply chains,” said Hany Amer, Director APAC, Tive.

The organic growth of ecosystems of supply chain partners with a common objective is not a new way of doing business, going back to the movement of goods via the Silk Road through Central Asia. Also not new, though slightly newer, is the role technology plays in creating new value through partnerships. What is new is the realization during 2020 that digitization is no longer an option to manage today’s supply chains, which in turn encouraged iTrazo, Persequor and Tive to partner and innovate together to bring digital traceability solutions to companies across APAC.


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