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Davenport Group Partners with SAASTEPS

Davenport Group announces self-service digital eCommerce and quoting upgrades to enable business transformation and accelerate growth.

Davenport Group, an innovative end-to-end IT services and solution provider, announced yesterday a partnership with SAASTEPS and an initiative to upgrade the company’s digital commerce, quoting, and renewals infrastructure to improve customer experience, streamline operations, and accelerate business growth.

“We are excited to take this step for our customers and our business partners,” says Sonia St. Charles, CEO and Co-Founder of Davenport Group. “Upgrading our commerce systems and internal quoting processes will enable our customer-facing teams to provide a world-class experience for our clients from the initial handshake through renewals and relationship expansion.”

“Davenport Group is entering an exciting next phase,” says Tammy Kilgore, Director of Operations and Process Transformation at Davenport Group. “We are energized by the capabilities that the SAASTEPS solutions provide our sales, services, operations, and finance teams to support our customers and deliver on the business’ operational objectives.”

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“We are energized by the capabilities SAASTEPS solutions provide our sales, services, operations, and finance teams to support our customers and deliver on the business’ operational objectives.”

— Tammy Kilgore, Director of Operations at Davenport Group

Why Partner with SAASTEPS and Davenport Group Salesforce Services?

It’s simple: both SAASTEPS and Davenport Group use the same technologies internally, including Salesforce Sales, Services, and Community Cloud & SAASTEPS Revenue Lifecycle Management, to manage end-to-end Revenue Lifecycle Management processes. This means when we partner with our customers, we are flawlessly synchronized and always prepared to over-deliver.

What we offer is a comprehensive, proven VAR Revenue Lifecycle Management solution, which includes:

– Copy and paste supplier quotes into SAASTEPS. We can take one or many suppliers’ quote formats (HTML, Word, Excel, or CSV file) and copy the data into SAASTEPS CPQ/SPQ solution.
– This then allows sales teams to collaborate with suppliers on pricing and create multiple quotes before deciding which quote is approved to send to their customer.
– Once all internal pricing and proposal approvals are completed, sales generates an eCommerce cart to send to the customer for their review to approve, add to, or edit.
– Once the customer approves, a PO# is requested, and the order is placed through SAASTEPS self-service eCommerce checkout. This updates everything seamlessly inside Salesforce.
– All data is 100% natively inside Salesforce standard objects and SAASTEPS Managed Package objects which are 100% accessible and reportable.
– Then, through Salesforce open APIs, all this data is sent to the ERP for further processing.

“At SAASTEPS, we have one mission – to help our customers grow with revenue management software tools that are easy to use and easy to adopt,” says Tim Beck, CEO, and Co-Founder of SAASTEPS. “We are excited about our partnership with Davenport Group, and we look forward to helping them deliver simple and hassle-free experiences to their customers and partners. We look forward to our work together for years to come as their business grows.”

“I never thought that SAASTEPS would partner so closely with our customers, who want to help us grow because we are helping them grow,” says Ronaldo Costa, CTO, and Co-Founder of SAASTEPS. “The journey we have started with Davenport Group continues to prove why Salesforce and SAASTEPS are the #1 solutions for CRM and Revenue Lifecycle Management.”

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