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SalesTechStar Interview with Frank Kettenstock, Chief Marketing Officer at Foxit Software

Frank Kettenstock, Chief Marketing Officer at Foxit Software highlights the benefits of eSign solutions and how they can enable quicker processes for customer-facing teams and salespeople:


Welcome to this SalesTechStar chat Frank, tell us about your journey through the tech market and more about being CMO at Foxit Software…

I started my career as a software engineer, and eventually ended up in Marketing. So, a little different career path, but it has worked out for me. Foxit is a very interesting company to work for, we sell to companies of all sizes; we have many different sales channels, from the online store, to SBM sales, to Enterprise sales, and Channel Partners; and we sell desktop software, server software, mobile apps, cloud services, and software development kits (SDKs). So, we do everything at Foxit regarding PDF and eSign solutions.

We would love to hear about some of Foxit’s latest enhancements and how the platform has evolved over the recent years to meet changing user needs?

Foxit acquired eSign Genie last year and added an eSignature solution to our portfolio. What we then did is to provide tight integration with our PDF products since you sign PDF documents. We strive to make end users more productive, and we do this by integrating our products with the other products they use so they work seamlessly.

For example, we integrate PDF and eSign with collaboration software like Microsoft Teams, other document software like Microsoft 360. This integration makes users get more work done faster and makes things easier to learn how to use.

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How can eSign solutions enable sales and other customer facing teams: what thoughts would you share about the growing importance of eSign solutions in today’s digitized market?

eSign solutions enables sales to more easily close deals, close them faster, and with less work. While the eSignature is legally valid, the real value is in the workflow. By using templates and automation, sales folks can easily send out sales contracts for review and signature – no overnight deliveries, no printing out documents, and then no scanning them back after signature.

It also leaves a good impression of your company to the customer since it makes it easier for the customer to sign the contract and send it back to you. It also allows the legal and order processing teams to ensure everyone is using the right contracts (no old copies around) and to see them digitally archived in one place.

Can you highlight a few of the ways in which you’ve seen leading brands in B2B enhance the customer journey and experience because of solutions such as this?

In addition to the automated workflow described above, Foxit eSign is also available through APIs. This means that organizations can integrate eSignature into their applications and websites – allowing their customers, employees, community members, etc. to easily access and sign contracts and agreements through self-serve. Allowing customers to do things at their convenience and by themselves provides a valued customer journey and experience which enhances their brands.

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A few thoughts on the future of the B2B tech and how you feel this space will shape up to look like in a few years…?

More and more processes will be digitally automated and enhanced with AI. This will enable B2B tech providers to provide the ultimate self-serve customer experience. This will increase the value of their brands and stock prices by enabling their customer to do things the way they most prefer.

Some last thoughts on navigating B2B, sales/marketing takeaways, before we wrap up!

Automate, integrate, and collaborate your products and your customer engagements, while continuing to provide the personal touch to your larger customer who require specialized, live human interactions.

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Foxit is a leading software provider of fast, affordable and secure PDF solutions. Businesses and consumers increase productivity by using Foxit’s cost effective products to securely work with PDF documents and forms.

Frank Kettenstock is Chief Marketing Officer at Foxit Software, Inc

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