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BMC Assures Revenues for Retailers with Control-M

Application and data workflow orchestration turns data complexity into a competitive advantage

BMC, a global leader in software solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, today revealed how well-known global brands, including REWE digital GmbH and Aspiag Service, use the Control-M platform from BMC to automate application and data workflows. With the integration of Control-M, these brands can ensure all business processes powering modern retail operations happen in order and on time – keeping customers happy, stock on shelves, and registers full.

According to Gartner “To win in the digitally revolutionized retail marketplace, retailers must move away from internally focused product-centric merchandising approaches that perpetuate traditionally delivered sales results. Instead, retailers must transform to become customer-centric through the innovative use of information and automation. Scaling through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are mandatory for survival. This research will help merchandising procure, source, and develop products and services as demanded and expected by the customer.”

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REWE digital Orchestrates Complex Retail Supply Chains
REWE digital provides IT systems and solutions to REWE Group, one of Europe’s leading retail and tourism companies that serves millions of customers worldwide. With the Control-M platform, REWE digital can:

  • Better integrate and simplify an increasingly complex network of supply chain systems with end-to-end transparency, scalability, 24×7 reliability, and 100% uptime in production.
  • Ensure that 7,500 supermarkets, markets, and PENNY stores in Europe being supplied with thousands of products by 250 storage centers receive the right quantities of food to the appropriate stores, at the correct time, to minimize waste and satisfy customer demand.

“After a flawless migration to Control-M, we are moving into the future, integrating new technologies into a rock-solid application and data workflow orchestration environment,” said Frank Rothman, senior product owner, REWE digital.

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Aspiag Service Improves Customer Experience by Utilizing Point-of-Sale Data
Aspiag Service, an Italian company operating more than 570 stores in the retail grocery sector, needed to improve its Point of Sale (POS) data quality. Using Control-M to quickly and reliably orchestrate critical data workflows, Aspiag was able to:

  • Reduce year-over-year product waste, with an average of five percent reduction across all food categories last year.
  • Improve customer experience and ensure visibility into the flow of information, enabling issue detection and resolution before problems impact the business.
  • Ensure timely and accurate data on what and how much merchandise has been sold, inventory levels, and sales trends to make optimal and timely ordering decisions.

“I am responsible for corporate projects and processes that impact points of sale. I observed an average of a five percent reduction in product waste across all categories through process change,” said Maurizio Usan, manager of sales organization, Aspiag Service.

“In the retail world, keeping customers loyal means making every purchase experience outstanding without escalating costs,” said Gur Steif, president, Digital Business Automation at BMC. “From managing warehouse inventory to updating in-store pricing, Control-M simplifies how retailers orchestrate the application, data, and file transfer workflows that are critical to operations across even the most diverse IT environments. We look forward to continuing to deliver new solutions that reduce business complexity and create new opportunities for growth.”

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