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Anvyl and Flieber Announce Partnership to Reduce Stock-Outs for DTC Brands


Partnership Offers Retailers More Certainty Amid Global Supply Chain Crisis

Anvyl, the leading platform for supplier relationship management from order to delivery, and Flieber, the leading demand and inventory planning platform, announced they have formed a strategic partnership to help retailers better manage their global supply chain and end-to-end inventory replenishment process.

Hard-hit brands have been faced with steady-yet-unpredictable headwind supply chain challenges, struggling to gain visibility, actionable insights, and reliable system-based methods for inventory replenishment. Since before the global pandemic, retailers have grappled to have clear visibility on what to purchase, how to navigate purchase order statuses, and where to move inventory in an attempt to avoid overages and shortages – aspiring to hit the ultimate goal of meeting corporate cash flow targets and end-customer needs. The Anvyl/Flieber partnership addresses this ongoing challenge. Through the integration of both platforms, retailers are able to benefit from Flieber’s advanced predictions of purchase order timing and inventory needs, and then automatically push those related purchase orders to Anvyl for purchase order management and visibility for the retailer.

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“Lack of predictability and transparency in the global supply chain has created great consequences for brands. The inability to proactively manage related challenges – is a pervasive, universal problem, making headlines daily. Anvyl and Flieber are partnering to provide a solution that helps our customers navigate and manage their supply chain and related inventories with unprecedented clarity and effectiveness,” said Rodney Manzo, CEO and Founder at Anvyl. “By partnering with Flieber, we look to give new optimism and direction to the retail industry’s growing need for purchase order certainty while optimizing inventory.”

“Flieber helps DTC brands better define what to purchase at any given time, but our customers have always shown interest in moving to the next step, which is to seamlessly push that to the supplier and help them manage those POs. That’s why our partnership with Anvyl is so strategic. Retailers now have an end-to-end solution to help them make the best inventory replenishment decisions and efficiently execute on them,” said Fabricio Miranda, CEO, and co-founder at Flieber. “This level of data integration and visibility was my dream when I was leading the operations of a D2C brand.”

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The integration between the two platforms is already being used by multiple companies, such as OpenStore, biggest aggregator of Shopify brands. Their team plans purchases and generates POs in Flieber and then automatically pushes them to Anvyl for management from supplier to delivery. “With the Anvyl/Flieber integration, we have been able to make decisions and execute on them much faster. A process that would take hours to be completed is now a matter of minutes,” said null [Yedra Lopez Gragera __title__ null], Business Operations, Supply Chain Lead at OpenStore. “My team is now able to focus most of their time in making smarter decisions.”

The integration between Anvyl and Flieber platforms is currently available for all mutual customers.

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