JetWebinar is a Chicago based video meeting technology platform and Business-Hangouts is an Ohio based virtual meeting services platform.

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“We are experiencing unprecedented growth and scale in the new-normal, “work from home era” and this acquisition positions us to serve an even broader range of customer needs. As we’ve been focused since 2016 on building JetWebinar’s technology to serve massive events, at low latency, we saw an opportunity to provide affordable, easy to use small group video meetings and the Business-Hangouts product gives us exactly what we need. We acquired a team, technology, and an impressive user base.” – Henry Kraus, Co-founder JetWebinar.

The virtual meeting industry has many facets, from: simple video calls between two or more people to mega-events with multiple presenters and expansive audience sizes. Most platforms crush under the load of a few thousand attendees. However, JetWebinar’s technology can handle over one million simultaneous attendees at low-latency. Latency is a major factor for users running interactive meetings and events. The types of events that benefit from low latency are Sales Webinars, Live Summits/Conferences, Internal Town Hall Meetings, Investor Calls, and Concerts/Performances. The competitors of JetWebinar suffer from latency and this drives many major accounts, enterprises, and organizations with large audiences to choose JetWebinar. Both platforms offer a browser-based solution which is preferred by most users over competitive products which require the installation of software on the client device.

“We have experienced massive growth during 2020 and with this acquisition, we have the team, technology and product portfolio to capture even greater market share. This is a significant milestone in the growth of our company. JetWebinar is focused on its mission to provide easy to use, low-latency, highly interactive virtual meeting solutions to the world stage.” – Brandon Burr, Chief Executive Officer/Co-founder, JetWebinar Technologies, Inc.

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