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IVCi, Shares 5 Top Considerations for Hosting Video Conferencing Meetings

Thanks to AV technology, businesses have more options than ever when it comes to having meetings — it’s no longer just a choice between an in-person meeting and a phone call. With the added option of video conferencing, there are some additional considerations businesses need to keep in mind.

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Cloud based video conferencing service, IVCi, shares five top considerations for hosting video conferencing vs. in-person meetings.

  1. The same social cues still apply. People place a big emphasis on body language and eye contact during in-person meetings. However, these are still extremely important during videoconferencing as well. Participants should eliminate distractions and make sure they are within the camera’s view so they can demonstrate appropriate body language.
  2. There needs to be additional preparation. Wasting videoconferencing time with connectivity issues eats away at productivity and looks unprofessional. There may be a need for a few extra minutes of preparation time to make sure all equipment is connected and working, which is typically not the case with in-person meetings. However, the right AV system will be reliable and simple, making this easy.
  3. You can easily align teams. Teams that work across multiple locations or remotely are going to prefer videoconferencing. They can coordinate with their team no matter their physical locations and have the same level of collaboration as if they worked in the same office. This is much more difficult to accomplish with in-person meetings as it would require travel time, travel expenses, and adjusting schedules for multiple days.
  4. Relying on technology. Relying on technology can be a gamble unless you have a great system. It’s best to choose an AV system that also gives you expert support for maintenance and troubleshooting. That way, relying on your technology becomes a strength of videoconferencing, rather than a risk.

These are just a few of the considerations businesses should keep in mind when choosing videoconferencing as opposed to holding in-person meetings. However, they all lead to more productive workflows across teams and businesses.

IVCi is a global technology leader for standardized, yet scalable, collaborative meeting spaces, unified communications, video conferencing, cloud based services and industry leading back-end managed services.

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