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Rocketlane Introduces ‘Interval IQ’ to Help Onboarding Teams Track, Benchmark, and Optimize Time-to-Value

Rocketlane, the leading customer onboarding and PSA platform, announced the launch of its innovative feature, ‘Interval IQ.’ The new feature helps project managers and CX leaders benchmark and optimize the time-to-value of their customer projects and their team’s performance.

Rocketlane’s Interval IQ captures key events in a project and the duration it has taken to move from one key event to another, ensuring accurate data availability at all times. With this feature, project managers and CX directors can measure project performance efficiently and consistently.

With Interval IQ, users can configure ‘key events’ to capture essential milestones, such as project kickoff and implementation, and measure the time between two key events (called ‘Intervals’). By visualizing the data and sharing it across teams, Interval IQ enables alignment on the best strategies to reduce time-to-value (TTV) effectively.

“We are thrilled to introduce Interval IQ as a game-changer in project performance measurement,” said Srikrishnan Ganesan, CEO at Rocketlane. “Businesses now have a reliable and consistent method of measuring project progress, eliminating the need for manual effort. Interval IQ empowers teams to measure and compare performance against benchmarks, optimize processes effortlessly, and ultimately deliver exceptional results to their clients.”

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Here are the key benefits of Interval IQ:

  1. Optimize time-to-value: From project kickoff to go-live, Interval IQ allows users to analyze the time taken for each significant event in a project and optimize performance. By automating the analysis process, Interval IQ eliminates the need for manual calculations and complex spreadsheets, saving time and effort.
  2. Avoid project delays with real-time insights: Users can gain real-time insights into the project timeline and visualize them with Interval IQ reports. Project managers can identify bottlenecks and proactively prevent project delays by staying informed about deviations.
  3. Benchmark performance accurately: Interval IQ provides leaders with valuable insights and reports to make informed decisions and optimize processes. Users can compare team performances, identify patterns, strengths, and growth areas to optimize best practices across the organization and drive continuous improvement.

“Interval IQ gives us a reflective means to measure ourselves against our commitment to customers and industry benchmarks,” said Braxton Clement, Senior Director of Customer Onboarding at SupportLogic, a Rocketlane customer. “We can now accurately predict the time to value realization for our customers and get actionable insights to improve the operational efficiency at a project and org level.”

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