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Mark Kay, CEO of StrikeForce Technologies, Keeps Your Company Safe from Cyber Threats

While most of us won’t ever need to stress over international spies and government espionage, corporate espionage is alive and well — and is very lucrative. A recent Forbes article stated that cyber vulnerabilities will cost organizations over $2 trillion yearly by 2021. Cyber crimes are not only confined to prominent multinational corporations. More than 20% of small and mid-sized enterprises are attacked by cybercriminals every year.

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To help ensure video conferencing isn’t a source of vulnerability for your company, StrikeForce Technologies has invented a secure way to prevent unwanted participants from joining meetings and protect end-user privacy with high-security settings.

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StrikeForce Technologies has been in the business of providing administrative security to businesses and consumers for 19 years. Their products include ProtectID®, an out-of-band authentication product, GuardedID®, a keystroke encryption product that protects your computers from malware, and MobileTrust, a mobile app that protects you against hackers, thieves, and others trying to steal your information.

What risks are involved in cyber hacking?

“The risks are enormous,” explains Mark. “There are tons of people who can hack your data in simple ways. All you need is a password. They could be watching your computer while you’re on it. They could be seeing what you’re doing that could be standing near you or watching behind you. They could be in your computer, and you would not know they exist, and they could be copying everything that you type that’s of any value and emailing it or copying it or sending it to their own computer. Keeping your screen copy-protected is imperative in the modern world.”

Some computer users might find StrikeForce’s products unnecessary for personal usage, but the old antivirus software is not particularly efficient. It is said that there’s at least 1% malware existing in every computer, and users are notified of it a few days later. “Every individual who wants his data and files to be protected against cyber threats needs our products,” explains Mark.

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