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SalesTechStar Interview with Pulkit Agrawal, Co-founder and CEO at Chameleon

Pulkit Agrawal, Co-founder and CEO at Chameleon highlights more on what it takes to drive better customer onboarding experiences in this quick-chat:


Welcome to this SalesTechStar chat Pulkit, tell us more about yourself and what inspired Chameleon…how has the platform evolved since its inception?

Thanks for having me! Chameleon was built because of some personal frustration and based on some trends that we saw. Over time, our use cases have expanded; usage-based pricing has become key to adoption, we’ve added micro-surveys to the features…

We’d love to hear about your new funding round and the road ahead…

After a grind we found a product-market fit, pursued a Seed round, ran out of money, had to bootstrap, grew profitably to 20 people, then raised a Series A so that it could allow us to compete effectively and bring our vision to market more quickly….

The next stage will be about showing scalability of what was working and experimenting a little more…

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How can B2B teams today change how they handle customer onboarding stages in the customer journey? A few top challenges you still see commonly faced by this market?

It’s time to make it more personalized; different personas and people have different goals…some are kicking tyres; give them what they need. Some are evaluating all options; give them what they need. Some are new users on existing accounts; give them what they need.

Understand that there are lots of small funnels/loops during the onboarding stage… help people get to these small aha moments. Don’t try to solve the whole journey at once.

Challenges to keep in mind:

  • No-one person is accountable for success (run as a project, instead of a domain)
  • PMs don’t have time; PMMs are more focused on launches; CS doesn’t have a combined UX skillset in most cases.
  • There’s lots of time and money wasted building features/capabilities in-house…

Can you share a few thoughts on some of the most innovative practices you’ve seen by leading brands globally when it comes to customer onboarding?

A centralized understanding of the user is helpful; one of our customers (Motley Fool) uses Segment Personas to drive this,

Syncing with source of truth in a data warehouse (one of our customers, Airbyte, uses our Hightouch integration to help here),

Piping in personalized content from other tools; one of our customers, LANDR, uses to pipe in webhooks that shows different content)

A few views on salestech as a segment and how you feel this space will shape up over the next few years?

Most part of the process will become more automated! Look for ways that this can be enabled now.

Relationships are still going to be important but in different ways — consultative selling will be a more go-to approach.

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Chameleon Raises $13 Million Series A to Improve SaaS Product Adoption and Usage With Personalized User Experiences | Business Wire

Chameleon allows you to create beautiful product guidance that helps, guides, and delights your users throughout their journey.

Pulkit Agrawal is Co-founder and CEO at Chameleon.

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