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SalesTech Star Interview with Dailius Wilson, VP of Sales and Growth Marketing at GetAccept

Tell us about the journey into Sales. What attracted you to join GetAccept?

I found my way into an early Sales role at the Australian equivalent of Best Buy, Harvey Norman. Despite being 17 at the time and with no job experience, I encouraged the store owner to hire me on a commission-only capacity, and within three months became the number five rep in the nation amongst thousands of sellers.

After this, I spent time as a consultant and at an institutional bank. I decided to return to Sales as it appeared the career progression was the most rapid. The fact promotions were also based on results and not just experience also excited me at an early age.

What is GetAccept and how do you fit into the sales engagement category?

Most Sales teams today complain about using too many tools. At GetAccept, we typically replace 1-5 tools that are commonly in use with our unified deal management platform for Sales.

We support reps full cycle — from 1st meeting set to final contract signed. In addition, we provide more Personalized features for teams to turn periods of silence into two-way communications to ensure deals stay on track.

The most unique thing about GetAccept is that we do not sit across one category. has us listed as a leader in Contract Management, Sales Enablement, Proposal Creation and Electronic Signature. Similarly, Gartner Peer Insights has featured us in both electronic signature and digital content management for Sales.

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How does GetAccept fit into a company’s SalesTech stack?

Reps are able to create experiences to build relationships in the early stages of the deal through video voicemails, meeting agendas, meeting summaries and support materials. These have helpful analytics, live chat and multi-recipient tracking to provide insight if the deal is getting internal traction amongst stakeholders.

Mid-cycle, we assist with proposal generation and contract negotiation — with reps able to send interactive quotes and actively edit terms with clients, avoiding the issue of multiple versions. Additionally, we feel personal video messages throughout the deal cycle add an element of Personalization that is missing in most platforms.

At the end of the deal process, we support electronic signature and payment, helping to circumvent the troubles of closing out a deal and not receiving compensation for up to 90 days after the terms are agreed to. In addition, our automated and manual reminders, including SMS, video and chat, help us to convert deals which may typically be ignored.

I think we also create a positive working relationship between Sales Enablement, Sales Operations and Sales Leadership who all have a vested interest in the platforms success.

How is GetAccept helping salespeople close more deals?

Amongst our growing portfolio of 10,000 customers globally, the benefits are experienced differently based on department and stakeholders involved.

For front-line sellers, reps mention they feel they have more opportunities to interact with customers when they are live on sent materials via chat. They also receive positive feedback on using personal video and the time savings from the ability to live edit materials.

For Sales Enablement, sellers are able to go to market by accessing a library of permissioned content and can see which materials are working best by monitoring adoption.

For Sale Operations, they have less workload managing one unified platform instead of multiple tools and enjoy the extra level of analytics to increase forecasting accuracy.

For Sales Management, there is greater visibility on which deals are most likely to close based on account penetration and engagement. Furthermore, it has been difficult in the past to isolate specifically “what” the top reps are doing to close deals. Given the GetAccept platform showcases much more than meeting recordings or CRM notes, Sales Leaders can finally see how top reps win more business and spread these lessons to other team members.

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Who is the target user for your product?

Typically, we work with firms who have a considered purchase, which requires multiple meetings, who need to get deals done quickly and easily in a price sensitive market. We work with multiple industries including finance, real estate, recruitment, hospitality, technology, finance and HVAC

What is the biggest challenge you’re seeing in Sales today?

I am seeing that, in a world where we are happy to communicate transactionally and sacrifice real world relationships with digital ones, sellers are having increasing difficulty building rapport in Sales cycles. That is why we are seeking to disrupt this trend by winning customers back with a hyperpersonal approach

What are some of the cutting-edge advances you’re seeing in advertising today?

I am enjoying seeing personalized email which dynamically replicates human research through interactive visuals (GIFs, images and videos). These kinds of emails get my attention

What advice do you have for CROs /Sales Leaders today?

The modern Sales Leader needs to have a firm command of three things: metrics, methods and processes.

You should know which metrics are the benchmarks in your chosen field of selling and commit yourself as an organization to overperform against those standards. You also are dead in the water if you can’t measure or derive these numbers, so invest in Sales operations/finance to assist you on your quest.

Master a single method for Sales and make each employee own it — for our account executive team we have a version of MEDDIC that we really enjoy. Once you receive momentum and reps achieve a level of mastery, introduce learnings from other methodologies in the same way you teach literature (a study of key texts) after a pupil has mastered a language

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David Skok, General Partner at Matrix Partners or Mark Roberge, Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital

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Thank You, Dailius, for answering all our questions. We hope to see you again, soon.

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GetAccept is the solution you need to reach the full potential of sales process. They are reinventing the Document and eSigning Workflow through intelligent automation, personalized recipient engagement, and the easiest digital signature on the market. GetAccept helps you create and send documents that stand out against competition.

GetAccept is an electronic signature and document tracking platform, but for the closing stages of sales cycle. Combine document tracking with eSigning and use machine learning to predict the next action needed to get the document signed.

Enterprise features include video-introduction, automated live-chat, connected calls, and deal based display remarketing.

Dailius Wilson is currently VP of Sales and Growth Marketing at GetAccept. Dailius has previously held leadership positions at companies like Oneflare ($19.4 million) and TrustRadius ($12.6 million) in funding. He was worked with companies like Anaplan, Marketo, Zuora and Gainsight.

He has been named in the Australian 30under30 list, was the top Linkedin writer across all topics in 2017 and was previously a guest on the Ellen Degeneres show.